Kawhi Leonard Climbing Into Top Five?

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Kawhi Leonard Climbing Into Top Five?

When every team in the top ten wants you in their building, you're doing something right.

That's the case with Kawhi Leonard, who is climbing draft boards and solidifying himself as the best small forward in this class. Every top team – from the Cleveland Cavaliers to the Toronto Raptors to the Washington Wizards – has expressed significant interest in Leonard.

Leonard is currently working out at Impact Basketball in Las Vegas and he's improving each and every day. He has turned heads and he has all of the trainers and prospects singing his praises.

"It feels good knowing that all of the hard work paid off – all of the work throughout high school and college," Leonard said. "It feels terrific having scouts notice me and having general managers say that I'm a top ten pick. It's great and it just makes me want to work harder."

His perimeter game has drastically improved and he has silenced any questions about his range.

"That's something I want to improve on and show people," Leonard said. "I didn't shoot as well as I wanted to in college. I had a low percentage from three so I'm just trying to get my shot ready for the next level. I'm just working on my shot and trying to get my whole offensive game down. I'm really improving my perimeter game and showing that I can shoot the ball better than they saw at San Diego State."

Nearly every lottery team has Leonard high on their draft board. After Kyrie Irving and Derrick Williams, this draft is wide open and there's a possibility that Leonard could move into the top five.

Kawhi Leonard is easy to like with his unique blend of athleticism, power and range. He won't have any trouble making a team fall in love with his game, and where he ultimately lands will have a lot to do with where the ping pong balls bounce next week.

Video's not working try this : http://www.hoopsworld.com/Story.asp?story_id=19773

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If the raptors slip out of

If the raptors slip out of the top 3 picks in the lottery I bet they take this guy

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He may never be a star but he will always have fans. A great energy guy who plays hard and with a whole lot of passion.

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He rather reminds me of

He rather reminds me of Gerald Wallace in the energy/defense department.

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The "draft surprises": Biyombo, Darius Morris and now Leonard

I wonder where this site will have him once the draft lottery has been decided on the 17th. This site seems to be the most nuetral on the "draft surprises" like Biyombo, Darius Morris and now Kawhi Leonard.

I've always been high on this guy but he is no more than a top 10 pick. Not a top 5. I don't care if he can shoot well is very athletic and has big hands. I don't see it. In that video, I didn't see anything that warranted a top 5 pick. I didn't even think I should move him up in my mock draft after watching that video. Currently I have him being picked 9th by the Charlotte Bobcats, but I am not moving him up just because he hits every shot in Las Vegas being WIDE OPEN. I can do that too if I am wide open. This video did nothing to help his draft stock. He has always been considered a top 10 pick and I don't think he will be considered a top 5 pick. I think teams need to look at other players before they look at Leonard as a top 5 pick. Players like Donatas Motiejunas, Jan Vesely, Brandon Knight, and Kemba Walker should definitely be considered top 5 picks before Leonard is considered as one.

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I had Lenoard going later

I had Lenoard going later lottery/mid 1st before March maddness, I can definetely see him goin Top10 although I'm not sure if he'll go Top 5 even in this draft class. I mean...Cavs needs players that can lead a team and not role players, Timberwolves are jammed at the 3, and the Raptors may be better off moving down if Kanter/Irving are not avaliable.

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Leonard woud be a great

Leonard woud be a great pick-up for the Raptors; he's a hustle/glue guy who would fit perfectly alongside DeRozan's scoring potential. Could even play a bit of point forward and let Bayless be more aggressive scoring the ball. If they could somehow nab a C in free agency, upgrade their head coaching position and see further improvements from their young players they could really go somewhere.

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If the Wizards draft at 4 or

If the Wizards draft at 4 or 5 then they might want to take a look at him. Their biggest need right now is at small forward.

Kawhi's effectiveness will probably depend on who drafts him. If he gets the minutes and fits the system then he will be better than if he goes to a team that doesn't use him effectively.

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I think leonard and Vesely

I think leonard and Vesely could be pleasant surprises in this draft and players that teams could reach for. Aside from Irving, Williams, and Kanter everything is open to debate throughout this draft imo. Seeing Leonard selected at 4 would not be a surprise, he would fit great with Toronto, Washington, and Sacramento, especially if he has improved his range and ballhandling.

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OhCanada, you're right.


you're right. Outside of the top 3 there are about 7 or 8 guys who can fill any spot in the lottery. Leonard, Vesely, Motie, Knight, Kemba, and Burks all figure into the 4-12 spots in the draft.

I really want to watch the draft lottery to see where every team is gonna draft.

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he remind me a combination of

he remind me a combination of Shawn Marion and Ronny Brewer

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Vernon Macklin- Size and

Vernon Macklin- Size and solid post play

Scotty Hopson- Good shooting touch and physical tools

Chris Wright- World class athlete with good motor, needs to refine game though

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