Kawhi Leonard

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Kawhi Leonard

Kawhi had hell of a game tonight 19 pts & 16 rebs. Is he a superstar, star or another good player in the league.

Personally he is star in this league and he came long way from his rookie season. He has great potential and upside cause he's perfect situation good team plus pop is a good very good coach too. Show me he can hold his own tonight with that performance. Kawhi already good defender & good rebounder at his position but in the offseason he need work on his jumper little bit and being more aggressive on offensive.

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I see him being a borderline

I see him being a borderline all-star at his peak. Just slightly below where Gerald Wallace was in his prime, and I say that because Wallace was a good shotblocker for a SF and averaged double digit in rebounding at one point. And you can tell Leonard idolizes Wallace, from wearing #2, to rocking the braids.

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He has the potential to be a

He has the potential to be a top 5 small forward in 2-3 years. Honestly he did as good at slowing down Lebron as you can possibly do because no one can stop him. Leonard is really quick, crazy athletic, can shoot and has a really good one handed floater/ stand in shot that the announcers pointed out but I was disappointed that he didn't take advantage of Miller guarding him, he should of been way more aggressive.
P.S. congrats to wades third ring such an underrated player and to Lebron this guy is a once in a generation talent so blessed to see him play and this comes from a Laker fan!

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I doubt you're a laker fan

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I expect him to be an all

I expect him to be an all star when he eventually takes over as the Spurs most important player. I honestly thought he was the best player of the night for the Spurs. It was unreal to see him come back like that after that tough free throw miss in Game 6. Not only his rebounding and big baskets but Leonard got his hands on so many passes tonight that won't show up in the stat book. I've always liked his game since college so I've always had very high expectations for him but to do what he did in a Game 7 was so impressive.

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He is an amazing player. I

He is an amazing player. I still can't believe how low he dropped in the draft, but I wonder if he wasn't playing for Pop would be still be as good?

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Im wishing now that my

Im wishing now that my Pistons drafted HIM instead of Knight back in 2011

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You had to know when the

You had to know when the Spurs traded George Hill to get him they really liked him but even they have to be surprised with how much better he has gotten. We all figured he would be able to defend and rebound pretty well but he has gone above and beyond in those departments while also developing on offense.

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If his offense never pans

If his offense never pans out, his defense will always be there. And defensive ability will keep you in the league 10+ years. But even with that being said, his offensive ability has come so far from his days at San Diego St. when he was considered an undersized PF. I've been really impressed by his development and the sky is the limit for him.

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I am starting to see a lot of

I am starting to see a lot of Scottie Pippen in Kahwi. He may need to work on his play making but he is solid defender and offensive player who also does all the little things.

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Pop said they thought he

Pop said they thought he could be a franchise player in the post Big-3 movement.

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could have a ring if he made that free throw

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Maybe he can be a star, but

Maybe he can be a star, but he can't create his own shot and lacks range outside of spot up threes so he's got a long way to go.

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Future Defensive Player of the Year

This guy is going to be really good. If he continues to improve at the rate he is now there is no telling how good he ends up being. The defense was expected but, coming out of college this guy had no offense outside 10 feet he was strictly a hustle player. Now he is making plays on the biggest stage. I've never seen a player develop and adjust that quick..

P.S. if the Spurs would have won he should have been M.V.P.

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Is becoming and Iguadola type

Is becoming and Iguadola type impact player. Shouldn't be ur best player or go to guy but is the type of player that will put an average team over the top.

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Shawn Marion in Phoenix!!

Shawn Marion in Phoenix!!

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I'm excited for guys like

I'm excited for guys like Kawhi Leonard & Paul George who really emerged this year. The NBA has a very bright future. I love how humble both of those guys are as well.

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Man....Kawhi Leonard really

Man....Kawhi Leonard really was impressive this series to me. He was the most consistent Spurs player IMO, and he really did a great job defensively and on the glass. He really wasnt afraid of the lights at all, and he's 21 years old. He has a chance to be an extremely impressive player.

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Before the finals started we

Before the finals started we had this conversation about predictions. I usually don't do this but I said after this Kawhi will considered elite and picked the Spurs in 6 games. If he made that free throw he could have a ring now. He was absolutely outstanding the whole series and may be the best rebounding SF in the league, is a top 3 defender already, has incredible physical tools and an underrated shot. The only thing I'm missing is killer instinct but that wasn't asked so far with Duncan, TP and Ginobily on the roster.

All in all I think he already is elite considering his role on the team and it really depends on the moves Duncan and Manu do now how is role is next season. I really love this guy!

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Kwahi is great. One funny

Kwahi is great. One funny thing is that everyone is saying that he has improved so much. But interestingly his "per 36" stats are nearly identical between his first year and second year. Which isn't to say that he isn't good. But he was in fact very good his first year and he is very good this year. And if the Spurs had won game seven, I think a bunch of folks would have made the case that his D on Lebron made him deserving of Finals MVP and especially since he was consistently good the entire series.

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