Kawhi Leonard

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Kawhi Leonard

I was watching the highlights from the Spurs game (against the Bulls) and was impressed by Leonard. He was creating off the dribble as well, which I hadn't see all too much in his game. Question for everybody: will he be able to become a (super)star, one who is able to create off the dribble on a nightly basis (a bit like Paul George)? Or will he remain a complementary piece (like he is now)?

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I don't think he will be a

I don't think he will be a superstar but will be a nice complimentary piece.

Great pickup for the 15th pick. Alot of ppl including Chad Ford had him going at no7 to the Kings.....

From this,

to this......

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Man he's got some huge hands. He makes the ball look small in that pic. I also think he will be a very good complimentary piece for his entire career. But he might slide into an all star game or two. Something like how Luol Deng did.

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Kawi Leaonard is the perfect

Kawi Leaonard is the perfect complimentary piece. Can score when needed to. Doesn't demand shots. Excellant defender. I'm not sure I see him making all-star teams but like someone mentioned he could slide into a game or two. We all know San Antonio drafts well. With the guys they have now and a few more pieces (the one problem they might have is they are so good don't know where those pieces will come from) the future looks bright in San Antonio.

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Quote: We all know San Antonio drafts well

The Pacers drafted him and traded him (and other picks) for George Hill.

AllStar might be a stretch. Maybe an AllDefense team or two.

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I watched the game vs the

I watched the game vs the Bulls and was heavily impressed with Kawhi's shot selection and creativity with the ball. If he continues to improve in that area, he WILL be an all-star.

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this is the type of player that is on a winning team, talks of a Jefferson, for Splitter, Lenord trade, on the surface it may look like the Jazz are getting screwed, but I kinda like the deal

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There's a reason Popovich

There's a reason Popovich didn't mind trading George Hill for Kawhi Leonard even though he stated he loved George Hill like a son and was his favorite player at one point.

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