Karasev, Bullock and Snell

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Karasev, Bullock and Snell

Does anyone have any info on how good the League Karasev played in in Russia is? Like what level of ball it compares to here.

I heard he was really good and his Youtube highlights look promising as you can see he hits a lot of different types of shots and is pretty crafty as a shot taker and passer. I hope he is good because Reggie Bullock is going to be a great role player.

I think Bullock will be as good as Danny Green in about two years. He could turn out to be a prototypical 3 and D guy when his footwork on D gets better. He already has a NBA body and Martell Webster got 22 million dollars this off season and there almost clones. He played on Chris Pauls AAU team and CP3 is the defacto GM of the Clips right now and he should when Executive of the Year. I mean first Doc, then Bullock and a great free agent class.

Tony Snell is really passive and is light as a feather but he is unselfish, a great looking shooter and a good willing passer. He only had seven points in yesterday’s SL game but he has obvious skills and is best suited for a team with quality players around him. The Bulls passed on Hometown kid Tim Hardaway Jr. for him and everybody pegged TH Jr as a more ready NBA product. Snell has a lot of upside if he can stay quick enough defend 2's and bulk up enough to defend 3's. .

Who do you guys think will be better between the three? I liked them all as potential Cavs picks at 19 and I was desperately hoping they would use the two early second rounder’s to somehow get Bullock in the late first round. He would have allowed then more latitude if Karasev stayed overseas this year and should actually be a close to average defender and shooter as a rookie. Clips got a steal at 25.

Solomon Hill, TH Jr and Andre Roberson could be on the list as well because those three and the three mentioned above all went from 19 to 26 in the draft.

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I think Roberson will be a

I think Roberson will be a capable rotation player despite his size. If you guys are too young to remember Jerome "Junk Yard Dog" Williams, then give him a quick google. I think after a couple years Andre will be a great asset in 2nd units rebounding and playing solid D. Williams was a 7/7 or 8/8 guy in his prime and I think Andre has all the tools necessary to follow that career path. I didn't have a problem with him as a late first rounder because I always pegged him as an NBA rotation player and 2nd unit warrior.

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Sergey karasev played at a very high level in Europe this year, much higher than the likes of Dennis Schroeder and giannis adetukunpto (apologies for the spelling. The Russian league some believe is the league that is the second beat league in Europe. Many NBA players play there and many of the teams are very successful in European competitilaying for tryumph, Sergey played in both the eurocup and the Russian super league , which are both very high leagues, (euroleague is the step above eurocup). In these competitions he pated much better stats that international players ahead of him such as Lucas nogueira, Schroeder, and giannis (who played in a division two Greek league). Being russia .. I really want karasev to succeed in the NBA , however he has had one advantar .. and that for almost all his life his father has been the coach for every team he has played for. This I thik thisallowed him to blend easier into the pro ranks and go through the system much easier than had his father not been the coach for tryumph. Hopefully he is mature enough to handle it more independently in he nba.

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As a Bulls fan who was hoping for Bullock at #20 I will always be comparing Snell and Bullock. Steve Alford said Snell had the purest shot in the draft, but I don't really like it. He launches the ball too much, too much arch, ball is in the air too long, and he initiates his shot way too low. It is smooth and has fluidity in his movement but Bullock has a simpler motion and higher set and release point, and the purer shot if you ask me. I liked his defensive abilities and awareness better than Snell's as well. Both are good athletes with a slight edge to Snell. Same with length. I saw flashes of ability from Snell that got me really excited so I am hoping I was wrong for wanting Bullock over him at 20. I wish he would have attacked the rim more in the half court and understand where people questioned his assertiveness and effort on every play. Excited to see his progression when working with Thibs and Co. and hope he gets a little more playing time than most rookies, i.e. Butler, Asik, et.

I was somewhat impressed with Snell and the potential he flashed in his first SL game but Bullock continued to impress me as well. Loved what I saw from him moving off the ball and off screens. Really like his game and potential. High on both playeres for that matter. I think both Snell and Bullock have a great shot at being really good pieces on a championship team. Both need to improve ball handling, strength, and continue to shoot consistently and they should have long careers.

Only seen highlights and heard good things about Karasev's shooting abilities and competitiveness. Years down the road these 3 players could be combined with a long list of successful players from this "terrible" draft.

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Not a fan of Snell.... I'll

Not a fan of Snell.... I'll take Timmy

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Reggie Bullock reminds me of

Reggie Bullock reminds me of Arron Afflalo at times. He is a decent athlete who can defend and shoot the ball from multiple spots on the floor. Not sure what to make of Snell. He hasn't exactly been a defensive terror so far in the SL. But if he can be a quality defender this season then he's well worth the pick. If he struggles to be a defensive impact, he's a suspect pick.

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Posting 19 ppg as Karasev as

Posting 19 ppg as Karasev as an 18-19 year old in a very strong Russian league is unprecedented. Usually euro prospects (even the best ones), play sparingly for top teams, if they play big minutes they don't put up big stats, or play for poor teams (Giannis). Russian league is easily second best league in Europe behind Spain (Euroleague is an international competition). Him putting up 19 ppg in Russia is like a freshman scoring 25+ a game in the NCAA. Remember he was playing against grown man, and some former NBA players (Nenad Krstic, Vikhtor Khryapa, Sergey Monya, Sonny Weems, Derrick Brown, Paul Davis, Primoz Brezec).

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