Kansas Senator wants a law requires KU and KSU to play Wichita State

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Kansas Senator wants a law requires KU and KSU to play Wichita State

I would vote for Kansas Senator Michael O’Donnell if I lived in Kansas.


Because he wants to pass a law that requires Kansas and Kansas State to play Wichita State at least once a year in college hoops.


A Wichita resident, O’Donnell initially proposed the bill to include only Kansas and Wichita State, cutting state funding for the universities if they refused to play each other. But since he didn’t want it to seem punitive — and because I guess he wanted support from the good folks of Manhattan, KS — he eliminated the funding cuts and added the Wildcats.

Personally, I think O’Donnell needs to try to get a law on the books that requires an annual home-and-home between Kansas and Missouri, but that’s just me.


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It might sound dumb but it

It might sound dumb but it doesn't hurt anyone, it helps Wichita, it would give the games a lot of media coverage and make for some fun games and stories.

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"It doesn't hurt anyone"

"It doesn't hurt anyone" except for the people who are governed by a governement that's inefficient already! Nah, I'm just throwing that out there. Personally, I would like to see this happen, even if I think its a silly use of government time.

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Next Kevin Johnson moves to pass a law to keep the Kings in Sacramento.

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