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Jarvis Varnado, anyone care to break him down and give a scouting report?

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Lets see.

Great shot blocker. Solid athletcisim and good length. Man on man defense is just OK. Offensively he has some decent post moves, but he can't establish position often because of his lack of strength. An intriguing prospect who will be a lottery pick easily next year if he decides to stay for his senior year.

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JV could be the next Ben Wallace

JV could be the next Ben Wallace. Very good weakside shotblocker,his offense has gotten better every year.Has more potential on offense than Ben,pretty good rebounder. I agree that he should stay in school, he needs to gain 20 lbs at least.One more year refining his post moves and he could be very good.More of a center right now,but with his slight frame he could be forced to play the 4 spot on the next level.

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ben wallace???

He is more like Marcus Camby than Ben Wallace. Wallace is way stronger and can keep players out the post,but he cant because he lacks anywhere near enough strength to survive in the NBA. He also isnt a good offensive player and would at the very best would be a 5th option on the floor in the league.That may be giving him too mucch credit, because he seems like he will be in the game strictly for help side defense and blocking shots off the ball and just getting out of the way on offense. He doesnt seem like an NBA player.

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