Just Turned Off The GSW/Portland Game

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Just Turned Off The GSW/Portland Game

These GSW announcers are the worst in the league. They are such homers and truly are uneductaed outside of just Warriors basketball. KD hit a fadeaway and buddy says (who else in the NBA can do that other than Lebron? Nobody!). Just terrible commentary makes it hard to listen to and watch. They were talking about the Raptors ending Houston's streak tonight at 17 games and then buddy says "that was a schedule loss for Houston though, they played 3 games in 4 days". Funny thing is so did Toronto including an OT game in Detroit but we didnt have any "schedule losses" we just had wins. Dumbass.

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I hate the Cavs announcer,

I hate the Cavs announcer, does my head.

The Atl guys aren't bad but I question their bball knowledge. Talking about how Myles Turner isn't a shot blocker and getting frustrated about Bogdanovic scoring like he isn't averaging near 20ppg over the last 15, the guy can scorevghe ball at a high rate.

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Raptors gotta be one of the

Raptors gotta be one of the worst 1 seeds if they hold on to it. Wizards, Celtics and Cavs will all beat Toronto in 7 games. Kyle Lowry gunna choke when the pressure is on. Another tummy ache hahahaha.

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