Just a Basketball Question

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Just a Basketball Question

Why does the NBA play only few games during Thursdays? Any history about Thursdays in the US or anything about Thursday sports? I'd like to know and thanks for those who can enlighten me.

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This is just my opinion but

This is just my opinion but TNT and Thursday night is what a lot of NBA fans look forward to and with it being just those couple of games on,NBA fans don't have to worry about missing there favorite team play ,and it leaves games open for other nights that local fans can watch there teams play without missing the big games

Kinda works both ways

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TNT has it in their contract

TNT has it in their contract with the NBA that they have the only 2 games on TV on thursdays.

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Wow, never realized that, but

Wow, never realized that, but it makes sense that TNT would want there to be as few games possible on Thursdays, and personally I love it when games are on National Television, especially when there are heavyweights like the Heat, Thunder, Knicks, Celtics, Spurs, and Lakers involved.

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Skylar Diggins is really,

Skylar Diggins is really, really hot

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Not just hot for a girl

Not just hot for a girl basketball player either, she is really hot.

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probably want to schudual for the weekend games, then go back and try to make Thursday Friday work with the schedule, but I'm just guessing.

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