Julius Randle vs. Jarnell Stokes

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Julius Randle vs. Jarnell Stokes

2013-2014 via ESPN's Chad Ford Top 100

Stokes: 6'9" 263 lbs

15.1 PPG, 10.6 RPG, 2.0 APG, .9 BPG, .7 SPG, 53.1% FG, 69.6% FT, 2.1 TO

Randle: 6'9" 234 lbs

15.0 PPG, 10.4 RPG, 1.4 APG, .8 BPG, .5 SPG, 50.0% FG, 70.6% FT, 2.5 TO

Who's really the better draft prospect?

I've kept up and watched a lot of both teams this year, but as a Knoxville native, obviously, I've seen more TENN. So, here's my assessment of why the two are closer than the mocks say:

1. The stats above ^ + Max vertical: Stokes-36.0 inches, Randle-35.5 inches, and Stokes is stronger with the longer wingspan and bigger hands.

2. Randle is a freshman and Stokes is a junior, but here's the catch: Stokes was brought in to TENN mid-season of what was supposed to be his senior year in high school, so he's only 10 months older than Randle. Upside for both is high

3. Dakari Johnson, Willie Cauley-Stein, Marcus Lee are all 6'11"+. This allowed Randle to play and guard his natural PF position exclusively. Stokes was the 2nd tallest on his team, with the 1st being a 6'10" guy that played 3.3 minutes a game. This required him to play Center and guard Centers at 6'9". And to put up slightly better numbers than a Top-10 pick, playing a position where he has a clear disadvantage with match-ups, is impressive.

4. From what I understand, both have good perimeter skills that they didn't get to show in college that much, although they both showed flashes. But for what they were asked to do, I believe Stokes did the better job this year.

5.  The Match-Up(not really): UT 66 vs. UK 74- Stokes was matched up with UK Centers, WCS and Dakari Johnson (Two future lottery picks), for the most part. and Randle was matched up with UT PF Jeronne Maymon (May have a career in Europe).

Stokes: 20 points, 8/12 FG, 15 rebounds, 2 assists, 2 Turnovers.

Randle: 18 points 6/9 FG, "2 REBOUNDS", 4 assists, 4 Turnovers.

Overall: I think the team that is set on drafting Randle should be actually flipping a coin between him and Stokes, but hey, I'm just a subjective Vols fan, what do I know?

What do you guys think?

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I love Stokes

and hope he stays under the radar so the Sixers can get him @ 32 or 39

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We had him in to workout. Calling him 6-9 is pretty generous though

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Well he's 6'7 barefoot

Well he's 6'7 barefoot so hes only 6'9 if he's wearing some Spencer Hawes lifts. Also Randle is not 234 lbs, he was listed at 250 all year and was 250 at the combine

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Randle has two inches of length on him

Standing Reach:

Stokes: 8-7.5

Randle: 8-9.5

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Randle will go in the top 6

Randle will go in the top 6 due to his combination on size, speed, power and most of all his athletic ability. Stokes is good and pretty much the same size but when you start talking overall better basketball player, Randle takes the cake! Also Going to UK can only helped push players when speaking from a marketing stand point, even if he wasn't as gooas he is...

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You make some really good

You make some really good points. I've always liked Jarnell Stokes and think he could have a solid NBA career. I was surprised at his combine results and it did show he really is a great athlete for his size. I think him and Randle are closer than people think, but simply because stokes is underrated. I'd still take Randle in the top half of the lottery, but I definitely wouldn't be surprised if stokes went in the 20's. If he falls to the 2nd he'd be a steal. I like Julius over him because I think he's quicker and more versatile than stokes and is a better PF prospect in today's NBA. Agree though that people are sleeping on stokes.

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I'm starting to think you're

I'm starting to think you're an agent for these Tennesee players.

I forgot Stokes was still basically in high school when he go to Tenn. I still like Randle better. However i think if you switched the names in the front if the jerseys you would have a much closer debate

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+1 for good post and

+1 for good post and comparison/contrast between the two players. I like stokes a lot too, but I think the sixers will need to trade into the late first round to pick him up. Love his post game!

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Good post, I think Stokes

Good post, I think Stokes will be a steal in the late first early second, but I think the main difference in upside and potential. Even though they are close in age, what kind of numbers would have Randle posted in his 3rd year in college? I think thats what most GM's look at when comparing freshman to upperclassman, which sometimes is the reason we have bust in the early rounds and player drafted late play 10+ year. I think that Randle does have the potential to be a PF/SF and more versatile than Stokes though.

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Good points. I consider Stokes to be a good prospect too. In my mind, he and Randle are fairly similar.

Stokes is a junior, but he started kicking butt his first month in college.

I think Stokes is in that group with Randle, Gordon, and Vonleh. But, I guess Stokes is older and doesn't have that "it" factor.

Stokes worked out for the Grizzlies yesterday, and went up against Isiah Austin. Our coach likes him, so let's see what happens. Stokes would love to play here, and he actually had Grizzlies season tickets 3 years ago.

If we don't get him, I hope he goes somewhere he does well. I think he would be a BEAST on the Spurs.

I think Miami could use a low post weapon too, to complement Bosh. Birdman appears to be slipping, Haslem is done, and Greg Oden is still on the mat.

... I thought Stokes had one of the best tournament runs which shows me a lot. I think he can be a big man rotation right away and then start in a couple of years. But, with everybody I think it has to do with fit. With us, he would be a great fit behind Z Bo, and then part of the youth movement when Grit 'n Grind ends.

Back to the Spurs, they had some good success with undersized power forwards like Malik Rose and DeJuan Blair. Now they have Boris Diaw, who is about 6'8 or 6'9 and wide, but with good length. Stokes is a guy who appeared to me to have good hands and solid passing skills. In a great Spurs system, I think he could do some damage.

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Stokes reminds me more of Carl Landry than

Dejuan Blair, he is more mobile and athletic in my opinion.

Randle gets the athleticism advantage over Stokes, Stokes seems a bit more polished.

Both project as good low post scorers, rebounders without the lenght, Randle reminds me a young Carlitos Boozer.

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I just want to say...

...Going by gut-level reaction, Randle is one of those guys who will succeed at the next level. He seems to have that motor, as one article described "killer instinct", as well as alpha male mentality that I look for in potential stars.

Adding a midrange jumpshot is the easiest thing to do at the next level - we see it all the time. I think he adds it in due time and becomes a handful on the block.

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Everybody on this site wants

Everybody on this site wants to act like Julius Randle will be limited to a "post scorer". I don't believe this to be true at all, at Kentucky this was his game because it is what Calipari wanted from him. I saw him play a couple times at the high school level( not his high school team). He is an absolute monster in the open court and is extremely fast and powerful with the ball in his hands. He is also a really good ball handler for someone his size but is almost like a train moving with the ball in the sense that he can get a little out of control at times.

I personally think that the Boozer comparison is lazy, 1 year out of Randles life he has played similar to Boozer, though not nearly as effective from the mid range. To me personally at the next level he will compare more to Lamar Odom without the passing vision. He will be able to grab the rebound and get out in transition, except unlike Odom he usually isn't looking to pass, usually attack.

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