Julius Randle

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Julius Randle

So it may just be me but I truly think that outta all the young fellas in the Lakers that Randle is the most talented. The guy can just flat out get it done and what he does is helping them win as well. Over the last 10 games he has averaged 20.6ppg, 8.5rpg, 3.9apg and has proven to be the defensive anchor for the Lakers. I mean he could be worth near max money and if LA gamble on PG13 & LBJ a team could make him an early offer (Suns, Pacers, Atlanta). There are some good young PF's hitting free agency in Gordon & Parker, but give me Randle over them both.

What's his ceiling? I think he could be a bigger and potentially better version of Paul Millsap.

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I like him but I don't think

I like him but I don't think he's most talented. B.I. has been balling and has improved a lot since last season. B.I. also playing multiple positions. I like Randle but I need to see another year. Everyone balls out the contract year. Not sure how he'll be a better version Paul Millsap, Paul has a jumper, was hitting the 3 in Atlanta and played decent D. Randle plays no D and can't shoot. You could be right but I need to see one more year before I make comprasions..

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Millsap hit 1 three his first

Millsap hit 1 three his first 4 years in the league. He was in the league 7 years before he hit over 10 in a season. He couldn't reliably hit 3's until he was 28 years old on Atlanta. Randle isn't a bad shooter and it's conceivable he becomes a threat from downtown eventually.

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I agree with everything

I agree with everything except about his defense. It was terrible last year. This year it is well above average.

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It will be interesting to see

It will be interesting to see if anyone makes moves for Parker, Gordon and Randle this summer and what sort of offers they respectively get. Parker may have the highest upside but after two ACLs he would be potentially risky on a long term deal.

A lot will also depend on who drafts who as teams like Atlanta, Suns could have a shot at Ayton, Bagley etc.

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People always talk about "Upside" but Randle Produces

year in & year out - and he's a dog in that paint - Randle is by far their toughest player in the paint.

I've never been a big fan of Ingram - I am not saying Randle is better - I'm saying I see them in the same category, a good solid player but one who will never be a super star.

I really believe the Lakers should have pulled the trigger on trading Ingram to Indiana for PG13 & signed PG13 to a long term deal last summer. The West is not as strong as people though & if PG13 is on the Lakers from day one, they might be in a position to make the playoffs which could have given the Lakers a real shot at Lebron.

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