Josh Smith to Phoenix?

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Josh Smith to Phoenix?

I just don't get what the Suns are trying to do, apparently they think Josh Smith is
a "franchise player" someone they can build around. I just don't know what direction
this team is trying to go.

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I would much rather Josh

I would much rather Josh Smith than Rudy Gay. They need to probably rebuild. Even if they got Smith they are no better than a 5th to 8th seed, plus they would have to give up some sort of asset(s) to aquire Smith in the first place...

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The Suns going after Smith

The Suns going after Smith right now makes absolutely no sense unless they're just trying to get rid of bad contracts. What bad contracts do they have? For their sake, I hope this is just some unsubstantiated rumor.

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Apparently Phoenix is trying

Apparently Phoenix is trying to rebuild quickly instead of doing it through the draft. Smith is a good player to have on your team but he isn't exactly a player to build around. He is a great complimentary player but he is not a go to guy. If I were Phoenix I would keep the picks for sure and if they can get Smith from ATL for Gortat and some expiring contracts go for it but I wouldn't give up too much to get him especially with his contract expiring this summer as well.

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But he's unrestricted.

But he's unrestricted. Acquiring him this yr doesn't guarantee the Suns anything past this season.
Plus this guy wants the max. Eww.

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This deal stinks all around,

This deal stinks all around, keep the picks, give them Gortat and protected future picks but not two lotto picks

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I am a Hawks, but I would

I am a Hawks, but I would love a Smith for Gortat deal. Maybe Phoenix could throw in their lottery pick? Pieces are definitely there to make something happen.

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I think an unprotected first

I think an unprotected first round pick this year and gortat is more than enough if I am the Hawks. Gortat is good player who compliments horford well and has a cap friendly salary along with a cheap quality draft pick is good for atlanta.

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There are three scenarios for Phoenix here:
1) Do a trade resembling Gortat/Johnson/Telfair/Brown/1st Rd. Draft Pick for Smith/Zaza
2) Don't trade for Smith, and give him the max in free agency while holding onto the draft picks
3) Don't trade for Smith, don't land him in free agency either (and Gortat would likely want to get out of Phoenix the following year when his contract is up unless they magically become a contender. Gortat could be a trade piece in 2013-14 as well.)

If Phoenix didn't have to throw in that first rounder, I think this would be a down deal by now. But since there's no guarantee that Smith would return, there's no sense in offering a first round pick without having a contract extension in place.

So that leads me to believe that the most likely scenario would be either 2 or 3. Whether Phoenix lands him via free agency is yet to be determined, but they could have a shot. Imagine if they were able to land Smith and convince Howard to go to Phoenix with him and the two draft picks. That would make the Suns management look like geniuses for the Nash trade. I know its not likely, but in a world where Chukwudiebere Maduabum can get drafted, anything is possible.

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phoenix medical staff

with howards back and shoulder problems, that phoenix medical staff with his best buddy josh smith probably wouldnt sound too bad to him haha

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Lol why not? What they have

Lol why not? What they have now CLEARLY isnt working, Gortat isnt the player he was last year, although still very effective. Draft picks are not gaurentees, and not to mention they have 3 of them all first round, two being in the lottery. Why not trade a lotto pick, their other late 1st round pick (one of the two preferably the lakers one) with gortat and a wes johnson for smith and zaza? That would still leave them with a lotto pick, and with the way the suns are performing would probably be a very good one and josh smith, whom im sure they wouldnt trade for unless he committed to an extension. say they get a 4th overall pick and can take a zeller or len type, then they all of a sudden have a brighter future. Not to mention cap space to burn as well for another good free agent. Could be a nice process for the Suns, but you never really know.

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Josh Smith won't sign an

Josh Smith won't sign an extension until this summer, when he'd be able to sign for more money. The Suns would just have to take his word without him being contractually obligated to do anything beyond this season.

I still don't understand it from the Suns perspective unless they're just trying to unload some contracts, which they don't really need to do since they have good value contracts. If they really want him they could just go after him in the offseason. without having to give up anything else.

This rumor has already been shot down by people close to the Suns' organization. It's probably stuff leaked by the Hawks to build up Josh's perceived value.

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I actually kinda like the

I actually kinda like the idea. Apparently they can acquire Josh Smith and still have enough financial flexibility to sign one of the big name free agents next year to pair with him. Building around Dragic, Smith, and Dwight or something like that would be pretty damn good IMO.

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" and dwight or something like that"
Except there isn't "something" like that, haha.
I won't give the farm to have the right to eventually(if he wants) overpay (like crazy) Mr a fake FP.
Josh smith but no decent starting C, and a bunch of mid tiers, role players, that's not the right way to build something, while spending big bucks at the same time.
And in order, the "star" power must be found at the 1-2-3 spots, because that's how this league works now, dragic, tucker and dudley are average at VERY best....
Leading scorer of this team at 14 PPG is quite funny....
You really want josh smith as a building block(a joke), at least try to overpay him in the free agency and keep some present or upcoming pieces around.
You fail on smith, wait your turn, keep losing big time, these lotto bubble picks have been &$#%#[email protected]! for years(lopez-clark-morris-marshall) and you won't remember the last 3 top ten picks of the last 20 years for this franchise....
I hope smith will end as a cat, hawk...or cav, rocket(teams which already have a legit FP who need support).

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