jordan hill's value this summer

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jordan hill's value this summer

I've always been a believer in Jordan hill since college. The guy plays within himself and hustles. His injuries these past 2 seasons have been an underrated part of the lakers struggles as he brought something no one else on the team was. And he isn't terrible on offense either, nice little jump hook and can knock down the open mid range jumper.

So far this season, he is averaging 10 points and 9 rebounds in 22 minutes per on 59% shooting.

And since he was placed into the starting lineup(something laker fans were calling for well in advance of DAntonni realizing it was a good idea), the lakers have gone 4-2 and are playing much better.

HIs stats over the last 6 games as a starter


Anybody watching the lakers these days can see how much he brings to the team. If he can stay healthy, I could easily see him asking for 10-12 mill per year this summer from someone.

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here are some comparable

here are some comparable bigs

javele McGee-11 mill per

al Jefferson-13.5 mill per

nene-13 mill per

tiago splitter- 9 mill per

serge ibaka-12.3 mill per

andrea bargain- 12 mill per

Tyson chandler-14.5 mill per

nikola pekovic- 12.1 mill per

deandre Jordan- 11.2 mill per

david west- 12.3 mill per

omer asik-10 mill per

Andrew bogut-14 mill per

josh smith-14 mill per

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He will be overpaid by

He will be overpaid by someone out there... If he continues to put up his stats as a starter than he could demand that kind of money and get a contract similar to that of Taj Gibson for 4 yrs 33 million.

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Just a reminder of Asik's

Just a reminder of Asik's deal... And Jordan Hill is a lot more important to the Lakers than Asik is to the Rockets (even pre-Dwight). I'd be surprised if he got anything less than around $30mil over 3 years.

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I wish people had watched

I wish people had watched more of Jordan his freshman year at UofA. He was so awkward and had not balance or touch at all. Never did I once think he'd be in the NBA. He only started playing basketball at the age of 16 though and that's where the huge learning curve came in. I watch every Laker and Clipper game in all reality he's more valuable to the Lakers than Deandre Jordan is to the Clippers.

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I think he'll get a contract

I think he'll get a contract somewhere along the lines of a Jason Thompson contract

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he is more important because

he is more important because they have no one else. but yeah he's playing well

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Eh, athletic big man playing

Eh, athletic big man playing in a D'Antoni offense.

He'll get paid though.

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Actually doubt Jordan gets

Actually doubt Jordan gets paid nearly as much as people are expecting. As TOL23 said, he's an athletic big in an MDA offense. He is this good of a rebounder though, but he is EXTREMELY injury prone. and in a contract year. I'm honestly expecting two years 10 million like Hawes. He is still extremely limited offensively outside of 7 feet, and isn't the greatest defensively(has shown much improvement in his awareness this year), and isn't much of a post option. Big's have managed to get paid high throughout the past, but let's not forget that JJ Hickson who is also an undersized 5 who averaged a strong double double last year and only pulled a two year 12 million dollar deal.

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My first thoughts was that

My first thoughts was that Brandan Wright at Dallas who is a similar age to Jordan Hill got $10 million over 2 years last summer, so Hill would certainly get more than that. Taking that and the Taj Gibson contract into account, I'd hae Hill at between $7 and $8 million a year on a 3 year deal if I had to ballpark his next contract value.

I agree that he'll put up nice stats uder Coach D'Antoni especially giving his scoring a boost until Kobe comes back. Also finally getting a regular role on an NBA team and seeing good minutes is doing Hill good and having bounced around a bit between teams in his early years, having some stability now is good for him. Playing alongside a skilled big like Gasol will also help his game and having the likes of Kobe around him will give him a winning outlook.

If the Lakers resign him depends as they will surely want to keep some cap space so only having his current contract counting against the cap may be prefereable to them in early FA market than extending him for likely over twice that. Also they have Gasol out of contract to consider and I'd assume he'd be looking for something like $10 a year at least.

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