Jon Leuer

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Jon Leuer

How do you comment recent Leuer's games?

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I don't quite understand your

I don't quite understand your question but I'll give it a shot. The Grizz are struggling really bad offensively with Gasol out. Leuer's actually being used as somewhat of a stretch 5 since they have no other C besides Koufos. That team needs all the shooting they can get and Leuer can shoot. He does have some offensive skill in space and he can run pick n pop with Conley. Z-Bo's kinda blah now so PnP with Leuer is like their only successful ball screen action.

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With Gasol out for a few weeks and Z Bo in & out of the lineup recently,Leuer minutes have gone up and he's producing....

This month he's averaging 15.9 pts/8 rbs/54% fg....He's been Memphis most effective bench player the last 10 games........Memphis have found a gem...

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Learn grammar first, you

Learn grammar first, you ignouramous.

You're welcome.

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Jon Leuer is a solid athlete

Jon Leuer is a solid athlete with good size. He can score. He played well in preseason, and he actually plays well with Ed Davis. It just looks like we play better and more smoothly when Leuer is on the court.

Lots of Jon Leuer love on the Grizzlies message board.

He can't really guard anybody though, which limits him somewhat.

He's basically a stretch four who is tall enough to play some center.

I have actually wanted to try him out at the 3. He is tall and has some range so I think he could fit in well with Z Bo and Marc Gasol when he gets back.

He is a good player, who could be really special. According to many Grizzlies posters, he has been one of the few bright spots this year (along with Mike Conley who is having a career year).

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Too slow to guard 3's, he's a

Too slow to guard 3's, he's a phenomenal stretch 4/5...He's a poor man's Ryan Anderson. But he can score, and thats what Memphis needs

He's a legit 6'11'' or 7'0'' even, and can stroke, I'm glad to see Dave Joerger is using him

As far as you guys baggin on the poster, he's probably not an English speaker jerks

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Luer proved he could

Luer proved he could contribute very early in his NBA career. He got thrown into a pretty decent role at the beginning of his rookie year with the Bucks, due to injuries, and produced pretty well straight out of college. He's a very solid player. Tall, athletic, can shoot, and has some toughness too.

Hell, when Leuer got minutes as a rookie he put up 10 ppg in the 17 games he logged more than 15 minutes (20 mpg average in those 17 games) , and even though he got buried last season, I'm glad he got a chance to play because I was impressed by his ability to play right out of the gate as a rookie 2nd rounder and knew he could do it again.

The thing with Leuer is that he's the perfect guy to have on your bench to produce like that when your starter goes down with injury. No question he could do that anywhere, but he's also not a guy who's going to be your best power forward and start, unless you're bound for a 15-20 win season. This season, that is, but with gained experience and polish I think he could be a complimentary starter for a solid team in a few years.

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I mean, I guess the Badgers

I mean, I guess the Badgers gotta have a solid NBA player every now and then, right?

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