Johnny O'Bryant III

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Johnny O'Bryant III

Why does it say he's ineligable on this website for the draft and how come we can't add him in our mock drafts?

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I dont think his profile has

I dont think his profile has been Updated since it was made about 2 years ago when he was 18....

He's been kind of a disappointment,he has the size & physical tools,but he doesnt play with a motor or consistent....

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He's eligible now

Guessing the reason was either an oversight (my bad, if so) or that their is a common belief that he will return to LSU for at least another year. Much of what Rudeboy_ stated would be the reason, he has been inconsistent, he has turned the ball over far too much and he does not really seem to know his limitations. O'Bryant is built like a tank and has shown flashes (averaging 11.7/9.3 since the start of SEC play).

The issue is the amount of time he spends on the perimeter as opposed to the block. If he shows more of an ability and willingness to work down low, than by all means he is a NBA prospect. The consensus seems to be, he needs another year to put it all together. He has double-doubles in the last 4 games, though the high turnovers and mediocre shooting percentage remain. Could raise his stock if he keeps it up, though I believe the odds are he reverts to his on again-off again routine.

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Great size but this kid is

Great size but this kid is clueless how to play like a big. His bball IQ is really low.

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