JohnHollinger leaving espn to become VP of Memphis Grizzlies

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JohnHollinger leaving espn to become VP of Memphis Grizzlies

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So this is going to be the

So this is going to be the NBA's version of money ball. John Hollinger will try to help create a great team and lower the salary cap by putting together a bunch of great "PER" guys.

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On court decision making wins

On court decision making wins championships and no one does that better than veteran players... I don't care what "Per" indicates.

Its the same reason why a bunch of "old" guys who just got off the couch, get to run all day at the YMCA. Young guys don't know how to play as a team, when to pass, shot selection... but if you put a "per" on them, the young guys all look like studs and the old guys look like bench players.

Look no further then this years Knicks. They picked up a "washed up" Felton and four 38 year old players and they're killing it.

"Per" wouldn't have told you that plan stood a chance in hell.

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John Hollinger

John Hollinger does a lot more analysis than just looking at player's PER. He acknowledges the stat has its flaws as it doesn't measure defense. Hollinger is very smart as he graduated from Virginia and is very well respected in NBA circles. Besides he's gonna be working alongside Chris Wallace, a man who needs all the help he can get. He drafted Thabeet #2 overall, Kedrick Brown #11 with the celtics, and traded the rights to Kevin Love for OJ Mayo. If Hollinger talks him out of making more of those wildly stupid moves, he has real value to the organization.

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The "PER" man

The "PER" man

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The best teams in the league

The best teams in the league have a bunch of number crunchers who deal with Metric Stats. The Spurs and Mavs were the first teams to really put value into that, but now everyone has guys who do that. I do think someone like that could be very useful in someone's front office, however I do agree that some of his acticles are BSed.

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PER is a nice easy stat and

PER is a nice easy stat and Hollinger created it and got famous based on it. However, I think he knows it is deeply flawed. ESPN just can't retract on it after pushing it and neither can Hollinger. I'm sure it will not be used by anyone to make any decisions. The main problem is that the easiest way to get a high PER is to take a lot of shots. It is almost impossible to get a good PER without being a prime time scorer. So as HotSnot points out PER would never have predicted the Knicks success. But other advanced stats Wins Produced, Win Score, Adjusted Plus/Minus and others would have predicted this success. Also just watching basketball (i.e. watching Chandler and Kidd winning a championship two years ago and then imagining Melo at PF instead of Dirk (they have similar scoring ability though the do their scoring in completely different ways)) would have predicted this success.

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I don't think Hollinger

I don't think Hollinger doubts his own creation. Otherwise he wouldn't be so reliant on it.

Also, there are multiple ways to achieve a high PER. Scoring isn't the only way. Look at Tyson Chandler, Marc Gasol or KG. Even back ups like Javale McGee, Tiago Splitter and Ed Davis have good PERs. If a player is efficient and contributes in other stat categories, it will reflect in his PER.

Scoring and doing nothing else doesn't lead to a high PER. Inefficient volume scoring doesn't either. Scoring, with a certain level of efficiency is rewarded. Guys like Monta Ellis, Glen Davis, Marcus Thornton, Michael Beasley, Nick Young, JR Smith, etc...AKA guys with high shot rates, with below average efficiency who don't fill up the stat sheet in other areas have mediocre to bad PERs.

PER has it's flaws but it is a good indicator of true impact players. It's most glaring flaw as far as rating impact players is taking into account how players impact the game defensively. Some defensive specialists are really good players, but aren't rated highly using PER unless their raw stats reflect their defensive ability.

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Teams look at all sort of

Teams look at all sort of stats much deeper than we do, breaking down shots taken at all angles, which side players attack from, looking for any weakness they can find.

The Grizz could well use John Hollinger as much on the recruitment and draft side as working with the actual roster. In any sport finding that little bit extra is always vital and can be the difference between success and failure so if the Grizz can channel the feedback John Hollinger will give them it could be very useful to them.

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Memphis also Parted ways with

Memphis also Parted ways with long time scouts Tony Barone,his son Tony Barone jr and Ray Jones....Barone served as interim coach for the final 56 games in 2006..Barone sr. was responsible for being for scouting Pau Gasol while he was in Spain..And encouraged then GM Jerry West to make the deal for forward Rudy Gay...

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