Is John Wall Worth A Max Contract?

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Is John Wall Worth A Max Contract?

Since being selected first overall in the 2010 NBA Draft, John Wall has proved that belongs in this league. Being on a sub-par team for his entire career, Wall has carried the team on his back and has produced sensational numbers as a member of the Washington Wizards. He has elevated his game and continues to grow as a player. He is quick, attacks the basket, facilitates and gets to the foul line with ease. He makes plays and creates opportunities for his teammates.

In my perspective, I do believe he is deserving of a max deal. For what he has had to work with over the past couple of seasons, he is the difference maker for that team and continues to produce. He is still 22 years old and has the potential to be a future All-Star. He will continue to improve and be a valuable entity to any team in this league.

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You answered your own

You answered your own question. The Wizards are matching every max deal offered.

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He's not worth the max

He's not worth the max contract, BUT he is worth taking the risk, if that makes any sense. Meaning if you give him the max contract, your banking on him to reach his potential, and to me it's worth the gamble. Especially for the Wizards who has had a losing culture for a while, Wall has the talent and skills to turn this franchise around.

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If the Wizards don't offer

If the Wizards don't offer him the max they will set their franchise back even farther. I highly doubt that any rookie PG they draft in the near future, can make a bigger impact on that franchise than Wall.

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I have never been a fan of Wall. Thought he played with no pace to his game, made poor decisions, and didn't inspire winning. One reason I was always a little down on Wall is because he was the next in line in the great lineage of Cal point guards behind Derrick Rose, and people always asked the question if Wall can be better than Rose? I knew how talented and athletic he really was so the debate scared me a bit, and I didn't want that to ever be the case.

Before this season I would have answered "No" to this question. I would have placed him around #11 in the PG rankings. But after just this short season Wall has completely changed my mind. He's playing great. Saw an article about how Okafor yelled at him and he has changed since. He seems to be making strides at improving his shooting from deep. I would really work on that this off season if I were him. Similar to Rose, if you surround him with the right pieces, he can win a title, assuming LeBron gets hurt.

I would now rank Wall at #6 in the PG debate behind Rose, Paul, Irving, Rondo, and Westbrook.

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Not worth the max

He not worth the max but he will get it. So far out of his draft class paul george has been the best player

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Considering that the wizards

Considering that the wizards were only able to get 5 wins without him...he'll be worth it.

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Considering the impact he has

Considering the impact he has had this season alone I'd say yes. Factoring in his potential? Absolutely.

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Is this really a question? I

Is this really a question? I can't believe how much this website underrated John Wall...Before he got drafted by the Wizards he was being looked at as the future of the league that would compete with D-Rose when it comes to pgs, then he averaged 8 assit on the Wizard as a rookie which is amazing for a rookie.After that every one tried to point out his flaws in his game which is a jump shot and staying under more control.Now that he has a jumper and complete controls the game I could easily seeing him being a top 10 player in the league either next year or in 2 years.
So to answer your question their is almost no way the Wizards could find a guy better then John Wall and John Wall will make the Wizards relavent like they where in the Gilbert Arenas days

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As a Wizards fan, I have

As a Wizards fan, I have mixed feelings about this.

On one hand, I worry about his ability to stay healthy. I would not be surprised if Wall gets the max deal he wants and then proceeds to get injured three games into next season.

On the other hand, his game has vastly improved since he returned from his injury. He no longer plays completely out of control and has much better shot selection. The Wiz are over .500 with him, and one of the worst teams in the league without him.

If you let him go, there isn't really anybody in the draft you can effectively replace him with.

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YES John Wall jumpshot is


John Wall jumpshot is coming along, there's no question IF his shot is really progressing if he's a max player, hell honestly if his jumpshot keeps getting better he's possibly a top 5 PG in the league.

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I think they match what the

I think they match what the market offers. But Max seems tough for a player who isn't top five in his position and frankly might only squeeze into the top ten on a lot of people's lists. There are just so many good PGs in the league.


Looking at actual production (not, hey he is young and he will get better) there are 7 guys who their GMs would laugh at you if you suggested a JWall trade straight up. The only exception to that would be Curry because of injury risk being so high. But when healthy Curry is one of the best scoring guards in the league. Throw in that he is a team player and great locker room guy and face of the franchise and you want him as your starting PG.

If we look at future and potential, then Rubio, D. Lillard and K. Irving look just as good potential wise. No way their GMs would trade for Wall.

So that gets us to ten PGs. And there are another five or six PGs (like Nash, Lawson and Holiday) who are good enough that no GM would be all that worried rolling with them against Wall.

Is there any team out there with a hole at PG and who has the salary cap room which will drop cash to grab Wall? I don't know if he will get a max offer from outside the Wizards.

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