John Wall to miss rest of season - will have surgery

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John Wall to miss rest of season - will have surgery

Wall is planning to undergo season-ending surgery to repair bone spurs in his left heel according to ESPN. A timetable for this is not set yet but it will most likely end his season and the Wizards season as well.

In context to the whole Beal trade scenarios swirling around this is a hot topic for the franchise and especially for Wall to me. Another disappointing end to his season and given his contract situation is Wall now untradable given his durability and medical record?


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I went to the Wizards/Bulls

I went to the Wizards/Bulls game last night, and it’s painful to watch what’s left of the Wizards with Wall, Porter, Morris and Howard all injured. Beal can only do so much on his own. Thomas Bryant has provided some much needed effort and energy, but other than that, there’s not much else to be happy about if you’re a Wizards fan. Brooks’ rotations have been awful since he arrived in DC, but now that he’s got even less to work with, it feels like he’s not even trying. The Wall news is the nail in this season’s coffin, but more importantly, it signals the unfortunate reality that the only chance this team has at getting better is to trade Beal, which sucks because he isn’t the problem.

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Now they cant trade him.

Now they cant trade him. Pretty smart considering he didnt wanna be traded. Hes had bone spurs in his foot his whole career he couldve done this in the offseason.

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Walls value is now cratered good luck moving him now...Let the tank for the Number 1 pick begin...
Personally this is the best thing that could have happened to them as this means they can now move Otto,Beal and Morris and not feel bad about it as they probably won't be contending for the next 2 seasons at least if they keep this core..Wall will probably be on the major decline soon as this injury is a reoccuring issue..Sad fact is this sort of reminds me of when Areanas had a bloated deal and Wall just came into the league...Meaning you will probably have to package Wall with picks to get rid of him...

Possible deals:

Otto Porter to Kings for Zach Randolph,Kosta and a Pick(top 3 protected) Kings do this as they have had their eye on Porter apparently. The Wiz do this as salary dump and to get a pick..

Beal...He is the hard one to pick as so many team would want him so...Here are a few...

T-wolves:Wiggins and a pick for Beal straight trade...Both win Wiggins gets a fresh start and Beal gets to go a team more ready to use him properly and that suits his time line better.

Lakers: Ingram,Hart,Beasley,KCP(to make money work) and a pick or two depending on how both sides value key players: Beal and Ingram..

Magic: Fournier,T-ross,2 first rounders this years unprotected and 2021 top 5 protected(next available pick unless consecutive rule has changed). Washington save cap room get a pick to add to theirs in next years draft and keep some shooting in Evan F...

Knicks: Kanter(expiring deal),THJr(Cheaper deal than Beal and can score at reasonable level),Frank N and a 2020 pick and or the rights to swap picks in next years draft if their pick is lower than knicks.. Knicks get shooter to pair with K.P when back and another player that helps recruit big names.. For Beal and Morris.

Hornet deal mentioned out there: Bridges,Monk,Marvin and a pick or two for Beal...

Personally though I would hit reset now get as many cheaper deals coupled with as many Picks as possible..The wild card would be this though: Trade wall with this years pick if higher to a team with a lower pick that is willing to absorb his horrible deal and give you an expiring deal back...Nets for maybe D angelo(So you can RFA him),Allen Crabbe for Wall+ Jeff g and rights to swap pick if Wizards have higher pick?The Suns could be other wild card but not sure if they would take him..

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Washington 6th on the current

Washington 6th on the current draft lottery so with Wall out - do they go into full tank mode?

Any offers for Otto Porter would likely be considered given his salary level.

Bradley Beal is a harder one - he'd get a lot of trade interest given his age 25 and that he has two years plus this season left on his deal. But if the Wizards did play out this year and get a nice pick then the thought of linking up top young piece might be better with both Beal and Wall there unless it is total rebuild. Plus Wall's huge designated player salary kicks in next season so he'll be hard to move so keeping Beal there alongside him would likely keep Wall happier.

Washington can always wait as come 2019 draft time then Beal will still have good trade value and getting a definite high pick as part of any deal for him for him say from Knicks if they were in top 6 range but not in top 3 could be more appealing to Washington.

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