John Jenkins

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John Jenkins

I quite liked him coming out of college and thought he was great value for the 23rd pick. He logged 8 mins today, but the Hawks just aren't playing him ??

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Excluding Jenkins, the Hawks

Excluding Jenkins, the Hawks have 6 guards on the roster:

Teague-Williams-Korver (sometimes plays SF) -Morrow-Harris-Stevenson

There's just no minutes to give him.

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Played good minutes today

Played good minutes today when Larry Drew threw him into the fire in a close game at the end of the 4th quarter.

Made a nice banker, and a swung three like there was nothing to it, his only miss came on a least second heave where Horford gave it to him unfairly. Kid has a super nice stroke, but as stated above there is limited minutes for him and LD isn't too fond of rookies.

I feel in a few years he can be what Danny Green is for the Spurs, a guy that will flourish in a system that now involves much ball movement and will make you pay for not rotating fast enough.

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He can really shoot. He'll

He can really shoot. He'll find minutes eventually, even if it's not this season or for the Atlanta Hawks.

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