Joakim Noah

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Joakim Noah

There is a lot of talk in Chicago and around the league about Noah being named to his first all-star game. I don't see how Noah and Varejao can both make it. Both are playing extremely well. So who makes it, or can both? Cleveland has 6 wins while the Bulls surprisingly lead their division. I am just a huge fan of Noah and the way he effects the outcome of the game. Hope he gets in. Here is some more evidence in support of Noah.

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Chicago top of the Central

Chicago top of the Central division (15-11), Cleveland bottom of the Central division (6-23).

Should be a simple decision on who makes it, if one was to be named.

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Before one of them probably

Before one of them probably had to make it, but since it's called forwards now who knows. I think both deserve to make it this year though and wouldn't be a bit surprised to see them both on the team.

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Both should make it. I can't

Both should make it. I can't see Varejo not being named since he is dominating the boards.

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What about Horford? Atlanta

What about Horford? Atlanta is third in the east and he is averaging 15.5 points, 9.8 boards, and 3.2 assists.

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Seems like only on of the

Seems like only on of the Atlanta guys will make it. You could argue that Horford could slip in as a forward while the chosen2 and Noah are both clearly Centers. I don't think the coaches will ignore J-Smooth this time even if I think Horford deserves it not less.

In the end I don't like the new forward rules they're trying. Why have they always something to tweak when All Star times arrives. Look at what happend to the dunk contest...

I know that guys like Magloire wouldn't have made it if the Center position is historically very weak of the last 10 years or so but now you have two Noah, Varejau and Horford and the problems are ven bigger who should be in the game.

The All Star Weekend is just a shaddow of his own and I would be cool if we only have the nominees and thats it, I don't need the whole media hype and circus for one horing weekend and commercials all day long...

In the end I think both Noah and Varejau will be playing and maybe Horford as a replacement...

Btw, Tyson Chandler could make it too...

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I think

Noah should get the nod, honorable mention for Brook Lopez, but when you look at all the intagibles and stats Noah brings to a team with out there star player and stilll helps them to be in contention for the players it should be his...

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