Jimmy just turned down his extension

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Jimmy just turned down his extension

Wow ! I think he's a different dude. Hes gonna team up with Kyrie next season in the east. Wolves should trade him asap for value.

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Thibs won't tho. And then

Thibs won't tho. And then we're back to 20-win seasons unless Wiggins and KAT have a mega maturity (personal, and basketball-wise) turnaround.

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As he should, just to let us

As he should, just to let us see if he’s the cause to the effect of his teammates character issues. First it was displeasure with Derrick Rose in Chicago, followed by Andrew Wiggins, and to cap it off with Karl-Anthony Towns. There’s a fine line with being a passionate player, but once you change sceneries with the same issue, you have to realize that you may be the root.

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This isn't big news

This isn't very big or new news. He'd be an idiot to have signed that when he can go for 5 years next year.

All this shows is he's smart enough not to go for it this year. Nothing more. No matter how you try to make of it.

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He's going to NYK with Kyrie

He's going to NYK with Kyrie and KP. What if they somehow gain the cap room to pitch Durant. That would be scary.

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I would love for Indiana to

I would love for Indiana to put a package together for Butler. Outside of Oladipo, Turner & Evans that is, but we still got young talent (Sabonis, Leaf, Holiday, Sumner), expiring deals (Collison, Bogdanovic, Young, Joseph) and own all our own picks.

He wants a team full of hard working guys who want to win? Then Indiana would be a nice situation for him. Wouldn't hate if we waited and offered him something next summer either.

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Keep your expendable assets

Keep your expendable assets Butler's not the awnser. He's a great player but what you guys going got going on Indiana I feel like Butler would ruin. He'd come in it would cost you all your young enthusiastic roleplayers and future assets, a big chunk of your salary and eventually he would get injured (maybe not 1st season but eventually). If none of that would happen gotta remember this is a different type of guy thats not gonna vibe with everyone, not to say he's a cancer or bad teammate but that whole family organization Indiana has isnt for everyone.

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I'm not surprised he didn't

I'm not surprised he didn't take the new deal as although the offer was $110 million over 4 years, the way the NBA rules work, he'll make much more money from signing a new deal as a FA be it with T-Wolves or elsewhere.

According to a past ESPN article Jimmy could get $188 million over 5 years with T-Wolves next summer or $139 million over 4 years with any other suitor. Both options are way up on what he could have got this summer.

Jimmy turns 29 in a couple of months so his next contract will be the one which could take him towards the end of his NBA career, so he has to get that choice right.

He missed out on a possible super-max when the Bulls traded him so is unlikely to rush to take another deal when bigger riches possibly lie ahead. I know he is leaving money on the table but he is probably backing himself to land a better deral next summer or at worse something like his has just been offered.

Also we don't know what his long term plans might be and he has never been able to explore full free agency before. So I honestly think he is just leaving his options open. Plus he does have the safety net of a near $20 million player option for 2019-20.

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Will depend on what he wants and what happens next season...

The obvious is this he has told Thibs the following I will stay but I will re-up when I am able to get a 5 year max(which I believe is end of next year).


He is helping out with the cap situation-KAT and Wiggins will most likely both be on a Max then so if he takes the big hit it will be at least into year 2 of there deal.

But there is two catches which he could regret if he doesn't re-up now:

The cap could get lower or not be as much meaning less money.


He gets injured and the money will be majorly less.

The side angle is this though he could either be angling so they can get someone else on the team before he signs-See Kyrie rumor


He could legit want to go else where...Like Knicks which is sort of risky with them being so far away from contending and you don't know how K.P and Kyrie(if he does go there also) will hold up vs a Young KAT and Wiggins who have had no major injuries..

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