Jimmy Butler

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Jimmy Butler

Since there are "only" about 8 or 9 topic threads on Jimmy Butler, I thought we could get this attention seeking diva into double figures............

In all seriousness, lets look at this year's rookie class aswell as last years. Both have some good players, lets look forward to watching them play and forget about this Butler circus.

Dennis Smith & Doncic

Ayton & Josh Jackson

Fox, Giles, Bagley

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Bamba and Isaac Knox and

Bamba and Isaac

Knox and ntilikina

monk and bridges

markannen and carter

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Speaking of Butler how about

Speaking of Butler how about Markannen and Carter Jr.

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Donovan and Grayson

Donovan and Grayson

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Question for everyone?

Looking back at the intial Butler trade do people think the T-wolves should have kept Dunn,Lavine and Lauri M or would people still have made the Butler trade?

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The trade made sense at the

The trade made sense at the time, Dunn was not playing well in Minny. But Dunn is becoming a legit starting caliber player in the league. Add in LaVine (if he can stay healthy) and Lauri...I think I'd take that any day over Butler, even before Butlers recent antics.

Especially considering T-Wolves is a young team, it just makes more sense to have all these young guys grow together than trade away 3 young guys for 1 Vet. Bad trade in hindsight for sure.

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I don't think Thibs would

I don't think Thibs would have taken Lauri M - I could have seen him being very high on Frank N given his defensive possibilities to defend 3 positions or he may have looked at Dennis Smith especially with Lavine being out.

Even if he'd still signed Teague there would have been minutes around for Dunn and any backcourter he drafted with Lavine out.

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