Jimmer Fredete's potential

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Jimmer Fredete's potential

I know Jimmer Fredete had a great college career, but he does not have the all around tools to make it in the NBA. I believe he can be a slightly above average offensive player, but he plays no defense. If he doesn't work on his d, he will be eye ot eye with D rose's sweat on the floor. The guard version of Ben Wallace would go for 40 on him. I do believe he can stay in the league for a while as an Eddie House type, but tose comparisons to curry were an insult ot curry's talent. But if he can sink those long shots and be an average defender, he can be a very solid player in the league. He is a perfect fit for mike diantoni or the Warriors if they weren't laoded with guards. But in the right system he may be able to thrive. All in all he will end up being a 10 and 2.5 guy who gives a middle class team 28 minutes off the bench, like a poor man's Jameer Nelson.

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Mike Bibby.

Mike Bibby.

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Is it just me or would Jimmer

Is it just me or would Jimmer seem a good fit for the Knicks, they need a back up PG and he could be an ideal 6th man scorer from the bench for them. Fields does a lot of the intangibles SG role for them and Billups could help Jimmer improve his defence although most Mike D'Antoni systems don't rely hugely on defence so you almost negate the biggest Jimmer concern right away.

Also he's a college senior so should be fairly NBA ready which the Knicks would like and as a scorer he'd be ideal to slip onto court when Melo and STAT are often drawing double teams.

I don't quite see him as a top 10 pick but later lottery down to about 20 would make him a good value pick up for several teams. I may not see him as a long term starter unless he has a very good defender alongside him but he could have a great career as an impact scorer off the bench.

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Knicks have enough scorers

Knicks have enough scorers right now, they need a true playmaker to take over when Billups is done.

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"Is Jimmer Frederette the

"Is Jimmer Frederette the next MJ or JJ Redick?" LOL LOL LOL

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Jimmer's a question mark to me...

I honestly don't have a clear idea about what's waiting for Jimmer in the NBA. If you ask me, even if he's a better shooter, I think that Kemba Walker will be a better PG in the league: he just seems better for that position than him. But in the end you can never know, and for sure there's one thing that seems to be clear: Jimmer's a hard worker. I'm sure that he'll be practicing harder and harder in order to succeed. For sure he'll never be your best athlete, but if he'll be able to improve his defense to an average level, his offensive skills should allow him to find some playing time in the NBA. Surely you can always say this about him: the guy CAN shoot the ball...

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Jimmer Fredette in the NBA

Jimmer Fredette will be an excellent offensive threat in the NBA. He won't be a star on defense but neither will he be as bad as he was at BYU. Remember, he played 40 mpg so he was instructed to rest on defense. In the NBA he will be a much better defensive player than he was in college, not a good defender, but he will improve. People forget that 60% of defense is attitude and desire.

The other part of this thread that makes me LOL is how certain players are singled out for the lack of defense as if that's a major liability in the NBA. Do you know how many offensive stars in the league play little or no defense?

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I feel that his upside is the

I feel that his upside is the Dallas Mavs version of Steve Nash. He'll be an NBA player for a long time though even if he doesn't reach that level, even though he's not much of a defender. He can score in too many ways not to AT LEAST be a scorer off someones bench. We're talking about a guy who can make jump shots from 15 feet or 30 foot with the same level of effectiveness. Off the dribble, spotting up, or off screens. He will at least be a good jump shooter. He's also more of a PG than he's credited for. He's clearly more of a PG than a SG to me, although he's certainly not Rajon Rondo.

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The key thing about Jimmer

The key thing about Jimmer will be where he goes. If he goes to a bad fit, he could be out of the league in 3 or 4 years but if he goes to the right spot, he could carve out a solid 10 to 12 year role as a 6 or 7 man.

I think people get some caught up in the hype of college game that they realize that where you are drafted is key to your success. How would we feel about Turner, Beasley, Mayo if they went to teams that were a better fit for their talent. How would we feel about Harden if he was on a team where he got 35 to 40 mintutes a game.

Harden numbers could easily be up there because he has the skill level to be a top player and definitely a starter but for OKC they need his scoring off the bench. If Beasley went to Minny as a Rookie, and put up the numbers or close to them that he did this year in his first season, how would we feel about him.

We caught a glipse of how good Turner could be in these playoffs, imagine if he went to a team that was a better fit and allowed him to handle the offense more.

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the next

World B. Free

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Everytime I go to the gym

Everytime I go to the gym anytime somebody makes a shot 25 feet or further out, all the immature kids scream "JIMMERRRRRRRRR". Or "YOU GOT JIMMERED". This is SO ANNOYING.

And because of that, I really hope that fredette becomes a nobody (which he will, a la adam morrison) in the nba so that these kids at the gym will realize he sucks and will stop chanting his stupid name.

It used to be AGENT ZERO HIBACHIIIIIIIII HIBACHIIIIII. Then he sucked and now the kids don't say his name.

It used to be TEBOWWWWWWWWWWWWW TEBOWWWWWWWW YOU GOT TEBOWWWWWWED. Then he sucked and now the kids who throw footballs across the gym stop saying his name.

Fredette is the next victim.

I'm sorry for my little rant. I just had to do it.

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Fredette is athletic

Fredette actually has fantastic elevation on his jumper. I just read in another thread that his vertical is 36", that is way above average for an NBA prospect and it looks like that may be right. He will go up and dunk it at 6'2" when he gets the chance.


As for Jimmer's defense, I know this has been said before, but he was his team's entire offense. It won't be that way in the NBA and I wouldn't be surprised if he turns into a decent defender when he can expend more energy on that side of the floor.

I think he's definitely got a Steve Nash type of ceiling, and that's not a bad ceiling to have.

Having said all this, I still have major concerns about how his game will translate. He'll have to adapt and completely change his game in the NBA, but then, so does almost every NBA rookie.

If I were a team in the mid to late first round and needed a PG, I'd take a flyer on him. I would not take him in the lottery though. I think New York would be a fantastic fit since that's where he's from.

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as long as he keeps his

as long as he keeps his shooting touch he will have a role off someones bench

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Jimmer's 36" vertical is only

Jimmer's 36" vertical is only average for someone drafted as an NBA guard, so don't get that excited. Yes, it would be an awesome vertical for a center, and above average for a power forward. So it is above average over all the players who get drafted. But let's compare apples to apples here. Also that is his running jump test which I don't think is as indicative for prospects as their standing jump. I've never heard his standing jump number, but I'm going to guess that it doesn't compare as well to other guards. For comparison, Blake Griffin had an awesome standing vertical but only a good running vertical at the combine (I think Blake's was 32 standing and 36 running). You can see which number was the number to pay attention to.

But I do agree that we don't know how good Jimmer's defense is going to be once he has 6 fouls to spread over only 25 minutes of game time as a back up SG. In college he had 5 fouls and had to play 40 minutes AND he and his coach knew that if Jimmer fouled out (or even had to sit a bit) the game was over. So Jimmer was very cautious on defense. I think he might surprise people on the defensive end. Not saying good, but saying he could very well turn out to be average at defense.

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i think Jimmer Fredette could

i think Jimmer Fredette could be in the NBA a better version of Mike James or a poor man Gilbert Arenas!

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