Jermaine O'neal

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Jermaine O'neal

Well, it seems fair to say that the suns training staff has worked another wonder on an old injury prone player, this time O'neal. He is averaging 7 Points, 5 Rebounds, 1 Block this season shooting 50% from the field with a 17.6 PER as Gortat's backup. Tonight he had 22 points, 13 boards, 2 Blocks, on 8-14 shooting and 6/6 from the line. I thought he really could have helped a contender in a trade at the deadline. But this brings me to another point of how next year I think Greg Oden should go to the Suns. It's his best option and he has to see what the staff has done to Steve Nash, Grant Hill, Michael Redd, O'neal and more, extending their careers.

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Good to hear JO playing well,

Good to hear JO playing well, he was one of my favorite players back in his prime before he randomly fell off.

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Loving the suns trainer /

Loving the suns trainer / rehab staff. No wonder they were so keen to get Eric Gordon a while back, I would love to see what difference they would make to him...

Andrew Bogut should also consider going there in a couple of seasons also...

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What other teams have a great

What other teams have a great medical staff? It seems way too valuable for more teams not to invest more in. What makes the Sun's setup so good?

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i also see the spurs, manu

i also see the spurs, manu and Duncan are still performing damn good at there age,

maybe there's something about the heat in arizona and in san antonio. LoL,

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That training staff must be

That training staff must be using some diff. methods.

What about the heat in Atlanta, LA, Orlando, Miami, Memphis, Houston, Dallas, New Orleans, Charlotte, Oakland.

Thats 11 teams that play in warm weather for the most part.

I'm surprised no one traded for ONeal he really could've helped teams like the Clippers, Knicks, Heat, Warriors n others.

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totally agree

As soon as I saw Jermaine's stats from last night my very first thought went to how good their training staff is. I agree with what was previously said, if I'm Greg Oden I am totally thinking about trying to get an offer to play in Phoenix on at least a 1 year deal. They keep working miracles, and that is exactly what Greg Oden needs.

Back to Jermaine, when he was in Indiana he was arguably my favorite big man in the game. He had so many skills and just seemed like a great teammate as well. I was really sad when his body began breaking down, so it's really nice to see him bouncing back this season and still contributing. Last night's game was a brief flash into what he used to do night in and night out. Great to see

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