Jeremy Lamb Opportunity with Martin In MN

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Jeremy Lamb Opportunity with Martin In MN

Looks like Martin is signing with the Wolves so Lamb could have a nice opportunity to be a 6th man in OKC. I think he's ready. Thoughts?

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My thoughts are that he

My thoughts are that he better be good because this Harden trade is looking worse by the day.

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Agreed. The Thunder traded

Agreed. The Thunder traded one of the league's top 10 players for Lamb, Steven Adams, Alex Abrines, and one year of Kevin Martin. That sounds awful.

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I really hope Lamb pans out,

I really hope Lamb pans out, I really enjoyed watching him in college. I feel like this is the right environment for Lamb to succeed though. In college Lamb really struggled when Kemba left and didn't really pan out as the main offensive threat. He is best suited to play that sidekick role, causing havoc in the passing lanes, slashing to the basket, and hitting open jumpers. With KD and Westbrook demanding so much attention, the lanes to the basket and open jumper opportunities should be available for Lamb.

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The thunder bench is looking

The thunder bench is looking pretty thin now. They need a few of the young guys to step up in a big way! Jackson and Lamb should see increased roles. Adams should battle Thabeet for backup minutes. Then its PJIII and collison at the PF. They might need to sign a vet or two to help out with that 2nd unit

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If Lamb would have received

If Lamb would have received some playing time last year everyone would realize what he is capable of. Lamb is going to be a solid player in this league and coming off the bench as a 6th man is a good role for him to start out on.

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I am a huge fan of Lamb and I

I am a huge fan of Lamb and I hope he succeeds. He was great in the D-League and I think he has a ton or potential. I have seen reports that the Thunder are going after Dorrell Wright. Hopefully he doesn't get in the way of Lamb.

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I don't think Lamb will ever

I don't think Lamb will ever get them the offensive spark Harden once did. Obvious, I know, being that he was a 25 ppg scorer in his first season away, but Lamb has the potential to be a nice glue guy for that OKC team.

He really has to work on his outside shot, but his mid-range game is solid and the tools are in place so if he can even get to be a 35% 3 point shooter fairly soon, he can be much more effective in his role with OKC. I feel Jackson will play Martin's role this season after stepping up and being a 13/5/4 player during the playoffs this season, and Lamb will still probably be only a 14 or 15 mpg player, I think he can be a nice asset because of his transition game. I bet he's about 6 ppg 3 rpg next year playing the whole year in the NBA.

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OKC front office were looking

OKC front office were looking ahead when they made the Harden deal..They knew resigning Martin would be out of their range and he'll only be a 1 yr rental...And they figured it might take Lamb a year or 2 before he'll be ready for meaningful minutes and they're also expecting bigger things from Jackson next season....So according to what they had orginally planned ,things are going as expected.....

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Let's all keep in mind that

Let's all keep in mind that it was a one year rental of KMart where they paid $12.5 million. Compared to the Harden's salary of $5.8 million. So they spent $6.7 million last season for the right to have KMart in their lineup instead of Harden.

And folks used to defend this trade by OKC. SMH. As Rude Boy says, this is going ahead exactly as everyone should have expected it to. KMart leaving was entirely predictable. Harden (the US Olympian) being a star was also predictable.

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Of course it was a dumb

Of course it was a dumb trade.

I couldn't understand why or how anybody was defending it.

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the thunder were the number 1 seed in the west without harden, and westbrook got hurt during the playoffs... You can't say that this trade backfired when the thunder were playing without westbrook. Even if they had harden and westbrook went down they still wouldn't have made it too far in the playoffs. harden is a great player but I can see why the thunder got rid of him. Harden was terrible in the finals vs the heat. He shot 38% from the field and really struggled in that series. So the thunder decided to look for more of a role player instead of a ball dominant player in harden. Also Ibaka just lead the league in blocks and harden seemed more replaceable because they have better perimeter players then bigs down low.

Overall I don't think we can judge if the trade is good or bad until this next year.

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It's possible to defend the

It's possible to defend the trade though, when Harden's deal expired they could have lost him for nothing, instead they have some very nice young prospects at their biggest positions of need.

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6th man

Im excited to see Lamb finally get a chance. I think hes going to be a huge part of OKC's run this year coming up and the years on in.

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