Jeffery Taylor

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Jeffery Taylor

Taylor has stood out to me more than any other player so far during the Vegas SL. He has a good size, strength and a good spot up shooter, but he's clearly worked on taking the ball off the dribble and finishing at the rim. He's a much better athlete than I had previously thought and is playing like he belongs in the NBA. The guy was also defensive player of the year in the SEC and has good length. I'm an MKG fan but Taylor is threatening for minutes at that small forward position but either way they are set on the wing for the future. I'm curious if Taylor made Gerald Henderson more expendable though Henderson is more of a shooting guard. Any thoughts or comments on JT?

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some of his dunks at Vandy. He was always a VERY impressive athlete, but never could handle well enough to get himself to the rim. Usually caught lobs or in transition. I agree he looks more and more legit. Good post!

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His defense is outstanding.

His defense is outstanding. He can be the starting sg, in my imo. I see him being a Thabo Sefolosha/Jimmy Butler type of player. Athletically he is a notch above both guys.

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He had a pretty solid rookie

He had a pretty solid rookie year. I don't think he'll beat out MKG, but he's a really nice player for Charlotte to have due to the fact he can anchor your 2nd unit defensively, give you minutes in the 1st unit when MKG or GH needs a rest and is in foul trouble and play 2 positions. He'll definitely up his production this year. He was regarded by many as the best overall athlete in the draft last year.

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I love Taylor, and whenever I

I love Taylor, and whenever I watch him play I always see a young Sefolosha when he played for the Bulls. Like Thabo he plays good man to man defense, and is a very fundamentally sound player. While I don't see him every being the defender that Sefo is, he definitely has more potential to be a better offensive player. I think Taylor will end up being a solid glue guy off the bench for years to come, and could turn into a nice "three and D" guy for the rotation.

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Hes essentially a little bit

Hes essentially a little bit bigger version of Henderson with more slightly more defensive potential.

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It makes Henderson expendable

It makes Henderson expendable but that also kinda hurts the Bobcats because now other teams know...Or they want Taylor...but to me, he is def a SF first and SG we gotta remember, this is summer league....ive seen this story before...

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I like him very much, he

I like him very much, he plays with a lot of energy and this is always a good thing. I thought he was okay as a rookie too but a few days ago I read he lost 11 pounds before last season due to an injury and felt weak and exhausted during the season. Now he said he is back at full strenght and you can clearly see he feels very comfortable with the weight he goes in. Kind of a shorter version of Tobias Harris to me. Runs like a dear and enjoys playing a bit physical. Very nice rotation player!

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