Jeff Withey part 2

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Jeff Withey part 2

Im calling this part 2 bc The UnderKanter started another thread based on his workout with Utah. But as I read about his workout, apparently Withey should that he had a decent jump shot. Im not saying he'll be a threat, but add this to his strength of post defense and rebounding, how high do you think he goes? Utah I think will take him at 21, but will anyone before that consider him?

I wouldn't mind Atlanta taking him at 18, unless someone else falls to them. But they need a 5, and Howard isn't coming, and I hope they do not pursue Bynum.

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Withey is solid. But the

Withey is solid. But the Hawks would be better off grabbing someone with more upside. Even an old ass dude like Dieng has more offensive upside than Withey.

Withey reminds me of Jeff Foster, but a worse rebounder but better help defender.

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