Jazz are a matchup nightmare. Will be scary in playoffs

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Jazz are a matchup nightmare. Will be scary in playoffs

Their shortest player who plays has a 6'9" wingspan. Their wings who play the bulk of their minutes are all 6"8". They have two players who are center size with the ability to defend on the perimeter.

Result: There is always a missmatch. San Antonio, Portland and Dallas were really hurt by Hood and Joe Johnson post ups. Clippers will be hurt as well. Same with OKC. GS will have a hard time matching up with rebounding of Favors and Gobert.

Defense: These guys can match up with any team in the league defensively.

Give them 82 games to figure things out, and hope for some good health then look out.

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Bit exagerrating here their

Bit exagerrating here their bigs aren't great perimeter defenders and several of their players are old and slow (Ingles, Diaw, JJ). But yes, they are good defensively and will be a tough out in the first round.

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You must be kidding me

You must be kidding me throwing Joe Ingles under the same catergory as Diaw and JJ. On top of that the bigs are good perimeter defenders compared to a lot of the rest of the league, just brainstorming no research the only bigs who I can honestly say who plays like Gobert on defense is KAT or maybe Boogie otherwise not many bigs can be able to switch onto a perimeter player and be comfortable guarding them, I agree completly with Hazel and I think the Jazz will come out of no where and be a top team coming this postseason.

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