Javaris Crittenton Indicted for Murder.

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Javaris Crittenton Indicted for Murder.

Via Real GM, looks like Javaris and his cousin Douglas will be taking the bus up North together, or whatever direction the Pen is. Hope he figures out how to get out of this one, but it does not look promising. Such a waste of talent.

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Such a sad story. I was so high on Javaris coming out of high school, and during his one year at Georgia Tech. He was a big point guard with elite physical tools. It's a shame what he has done to his life. The Gilbert Arenas situation and now this murder charge, the poor kid just seems really lost in life. However, he is a grown man who made his own decisions and now he must grow up and deal with the consequences.

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Jarvis the gangbanger.

Has to be one of the biggest idiots in sports! Read the link I have attached. He was drafted by the Lakers and when he got to LA he joined the "Crips" why?????? I'm from Atlanta and lived in LA. We don't gangbang like LA do, you become a millionaire and want to join a gang??

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The sad thing isn't just

The sad thing isn't just Javaris Critterton succumbing to gang violence. There are 100's of basketball players better than Javaris that have either been murdered or incarcerated due to gang activity.

The ESPN 30 for 30 on Benji Wilson is a very good look at just one of these stories. There are hundreds if not thousands more about young black men with great potential getting involved in the craziness around them and never making it back from that.

It isn't just people with great potential in sports either. Think about how many musicians we have lost to gun violence. Imagine Tupac and Biggie still making music today. Now think about all the people you have never heard of that have died like this. Think about what they could be doing with their lives.

I am not advocating gun control but something must be done. I just think it is ridiculous how it wasn't really even a mainstream issue until the gun violence spread to the suburbs with these mass shootings in Aurora and Sandy Hook.

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I know this isn't a

I know this isn't a basketball post, but gun control is a waste. There will always be guns. Anyone who wants a gun will get one no matter what laws are in effect.

The same reason people join gangs is the same reason people join Al-Qaeda. In their minds, they have no better options. Desperation and ignorance lead to violence. It always has and always will. There is one organization that has controlled/stunted the development and direction of humanity for thousands of years following a similar albeit more widely accepted recruitment process... to seek out the weak, the meek and the uneduated and encourage them to believe in and to fight for the ideals/policies of that group or organization.

Christopher Hitchens (who is all over youtube) is one of the most eloquent and thoughtful debaters/orators of the modern era. He has taken on all including Al Sharpton (who he demolished btw), George Galloway, Tony Blair and countless others. He wrote many books, one in particular called "The Missionary Position" which crushes Mother Teresa of all people and another called "The Trial of Henry Kissenger". Both people are lauded for their positive contributions to the world by the general public because of the media. Both books are incredibly thoughtful, thought provoking and well researched reads even if you don't agree with his position or conclusion... although its hard not to.

This was at the iq2 debate. --->

You can also type in "hitchslapped" on youtube and find a ton of his more crisp retorts. "A celestial north korea" anyone?

The more that people question things, the more informed they become. The more informed they become the less likely they are to be manipulated. The less likely they are to be manipulated, the less inclined they will be to join a gang and propogate violence.

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