javale McGee or Deandre Jordan?

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javale McGee or Deandre Jordan?

Who'd you rather have as your center of the future and why

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Javale seems like he doesnt work as hard and I believe Deandre can be a premier defensive player.

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JaVale McGee

2 reasons why I like him over DeAndre

#1) DeAndre is an athlete but JaVale is a freak athlete! If he gets his head on straight, this guy could be one of best shot blockers of all time IMO

#2) JaVale McGee's mom Pamela #cangetit.

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DeAndre, you know you're

DeAndre, you know you're getting a higher level and more consistant defense and rebounding every night. While McGee is plagued by inconsistancy, you'll get a double double one night and the next he'll have his head completely out of the game.

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I like Javale by a small

I like Javale by a small margin. Defensively, they are equal in my eyes, but Javale has a better repertoire of offense and is even capable of knockingdown 18ft jumper.

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I'll take Javale on upside.

I'll take Javale on upside. He's 2nd in the league in blocks per game above Dwight Howard and Serge Ibaka, he averages 10+8, and yet he has no idea what he's doing out there and what he's capable of. Purely on God given gifts Javale can alter games. He's actually been fairly consistent this year. Also with big men like them one of the most important things is free throw shooting. Deandre is shooting an attrocious 43% from the charity stripe, Javale shoots a more respectable 60%. Once Javale develops his skills more and settles down avoiding awful shot attempts, I think he will be a very good NBA player. I mean the guy averages 10+8 purely on athleticism. He's got a long way to go but I"ll take Mcgee. I think Jordan while under more control right now, is more limited.

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Actually Deandre is more

Actually Deandre is more inconsistent hence his 7ppg and 7reb per game. he will have 15 and 10 one game then 2 and 3 reb the next. And he's never been confused with a hard working player just a player who relies on his god given athletic ability

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i would take mcgee by a small

i would take mcgee by a small margin because even though their defense is equal to me, i see mcgee with more offense potential.

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McGee was abusing Jordan in summer league..

When McGee played like he had something to prove. Yeah, you can knock him for being inconsistent, but he is what he is - an athletic big man who runs the floor like a gazelle, and when the fire is lit under that furnace you're going to get a special player.

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I'll take McGee. They're both

I'll take McGee. They're both equal on D because they're both great shoy-blockers but aren't great defenders, and both are freak athletes, but JaVale has more offensive skill and that is why I believe he has more potential. If you look at McGee's statline the past few games, you would think that he dominated. I don't think you can really say DeAndre has been more consistent because McGee has been putting up better numbers all year and has been more consistent as of late.

McGee isn't as bad of an offensive player as people say he is. He has some nice spins and counter moves, and an skyhook that he has been able to make more consistently lately, and it's unblockable. And he even shows some potential on his mid-range shot. He has good mechanics, but his shot is flat. I heard that he was a pretty good college shooter though and even used to make some 3s. If the coaches can make his release like KG's, that jumper can be a valuable asset to his repertoire. And he has te potential to be a beast from the high post because he's so quick and athletic for his size.

I haven't watched Jordan much this season, so I'm just judging him on everything I've heard about him. He doesn't have the offensive game McGee has. He doesn't have the moves, has no jumper, and has less ability from the high post the JaVale. He as potential though, but I think JaVale's is greater.

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I think MCGee has the most

I think MCGee has the most upside but DeAndre may wind up being a better player. McGee just seems lost out there a lot of times but that could be because his team is so young. He play of late has been good enough for his to edge out Jordan though.

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ill take Deandre because he

ill take Deandre because he is thicker and stronger and also seems to be a smart player of the two.

but having said that McGee has more motor.

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Jordan has gotten alot more

Jordan has gotten alot more jacked this season. You don't get that way without some work ethic. He put alot of time in the gym and he's progressing nicely. I would take Jordan only because he knows what he is. He's in there to be a defensive stopper. McGee wants to be a star. He wants to be the go to guy in the hole and with the way Washington is built its completely unneccessary. Bynum was saying how he just figured out how to help LA without needing to score. He knows what he's supposed to do in there now. If Javale focused on this style of play he would appear alot less confused. DeAndre is just massive though and if I have to put one of em under my cap I'm gonna take the guy who can potentially guard Howard without help defense.

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mcgee for sure..jordan shows

mcgee for sure..jordan shows almost no signs of getting better offensively

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I appreciate DJ's improvement

I appreciate DJ's improvement and all that, but I'll take Javale McGee anyday of the week! DeAndre is wayyyy too inconsistent and does a lot of reckless fouls. McGee is also a potential game-changing shotblocker, DeAndre can be too, but not at that freakish level.

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i would take DeAndre first,

i would take DeAndre first, not cause he's a great player, just that McGee is garbage, sure McGee has more gifts and skills, but his mind just not there, doesn't try to learn the game, to improve his proceeding and approach in the game, so immature. not metter how much he would look flashy he will always be failure, even though McGee has more"potential" i think DeAndre could play within his role and be successful so i'll take him.

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if he ever actually figures out how to play basketball jm will be an elite nba center hes putting up respectable numbers now and hes completely lost at times on the court i was hoping this year wiht the addition of wall javale would be a little more developed having a very good pg with him as for dj i dont c him getting much better than what he is now hes ok as a starting c on a good team but not the answer for a bad team

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"Who'd you rather have as

"Who'd you rather have as your center of the future and why"


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