Jarrell Martin

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Jarrell Martin

I just saw a video on this guy, and I dont understand why no one is talking about him. He's 6'8, still growing, combo forward, Very athletic with developing skills. He was a mcdonalds all american in only his SECOND year playing basketball. Sky is the limit for this kid in my opinion, if he works hard. What do yall think?

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He is gonna be a good one.

He is gonna be a good one. One of the more underrated players in this class. To me he's a top 10 talent in his class, but doesn't get the hype of one. I'd hesitate to call him a combo forward though. To me he's a PF all the way. Athletic, aggressive, plays with good energy and he can stick the mid-range J, which opens up his face up slashing game.
I think he'll have a better freshman season than some of the more hyped freshmen in his class. I'm looking straight at Chris Walker.

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Hes a top ten player

He's a top ten player based on epsn but I think its the fact he's going to LSU If he went to like say a Kentucky he would be talked about more but I think he's a nice player him and Johnny O'Brien next year will be nice too see I think they will play off eachother great

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