James Harden with the Ultimate FU game

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James Harden with the Ultimate FU game

Kevin Durant had 16. Russell Westbrook had 28. And James Harden had 46. His Rockets really got smacked down the first couple times they played OKC, but boy was he the hero tonight. Lin outscored Westbrook too with 29. No matter what anyone thinks about the trade or OKC's potential going forward, Harden is a sure fire star, and one of the best/most complete scorers in the league. Can't wait to see the Rockets in the playoffs.

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Beastly, Stud, Dominant, No nonsense, Efficient, the list can go on about Harden. Fear the Beard. Another Superstar

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It was unreal as well how

It was unreal as well how Sefolosha guarded him and still burned him. Lin is starting to get his shooting stroke as well apart from that one airball he had lol.

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And only took 19 field goals,

And only took 19 field goals, this dude's efficiency is out of this world.

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More points the Durrant &

More points the Durrant & Westbrook combined Ha

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Don't you guys love it when a

Don't you guys love it when a superstar is being made right before our eyes? He's going to be the best SG in the game in a couple years (maybe now?) and he's turned around an organization that really had no direction a couple months ago.

I really hope we will be able to see the Rockets and the Thunder in the playoffs...

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I thought Harden would shine

I thought Harden would shine being the man on his own team but what he is doing is ridiculous. Most people thought the Rockets were at least a year or two away from being a playoff team but The Beard has turned them around in an instant. I am incredibly impressed with Harden...one of my boys played with him at ASU as well so I always have liked him and it is nice to see him dominate.

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Yeah, Harden and the Rockets

Yeah, Harden and the Rockets messed up my parlay tonight...Leonard Washington is a degenerate gambler on not just the dice, but the sports gambling too....props to Harden though he has proven that he can shine on his own and is finally out of Durant and Westbrook's shadow.

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James Effin Harden

Wooow jus Wow.....James Harden making a statement!!!!

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Don't you love how OKC just

Don't you love how OKC just traded a Superstar for a guy barely scoring 15 ppg but is still a top 2 favorite to win the Championship? Just imagine if they get a steal at 10 or 11 using the Raptors' pick, that'd be scary.

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Houston short

Dont forget the rockets were short all the players involved in the trades.
If i didnt live on a tropical island i would grow a beard like that. If i could grow a beard

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had a triple double though if we want to look at stats and Thabo was hot from deep. The main stat is the win but and Hardens shooting numbers but like someone said earliere Thunder are a top 2 team. top teams slip to hungry teams occasionally.

Also wonder what type of stats he would have had if he stsyed in OKC surely hes 20ppg. Random thought thats all

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If you missed the game,

If you missed the game, sorry. I caught the second half and it was one of the most fun games I've watched all season. And it was definitely an FU game. Harden was huge all game, so it wasn't just an FU because of the comeback. He was heading toward 30 at the end of the half. He also hit a huge half court three. Just in the beginning Durant kept find Sefolosha and Sefolosha wouldn't miss from three. Sef had carrer high 28 points. Durant the second tripple double of his career. Really, even if you missed the game, go back and check the boxscores of this game. It is insane. Westbrook had a huge game, including a huge pull up three going down the stretch. There are so many highlights from this game that SportsCenter is not going to be able to do it justice. This game was epic. Lin was also really good. Especially down the stretch. There was one point when Harden had the ball with about 4 seconds left shot clock and he passed it to Lin. The announcers were like, well that is rough for Lin. But Lin drove and hit the floater. Then he hit two threes pretty much back to back. Harden hit a bunch of jumpers off of ISOs. They were pretty.

Can we finally, finally, put to bed any of the nonsense that OKC did okay with the Harden trade. They traded the best SG in the league and a guy that I'm pretty sure is a top ten player in the league period. They got a one year rental of KMart and some picks. OKC blew it on this. Houston is so far under the cap that if they wanted to they can get KMart back next season. Not that they need a SG, especially not a guy off the bench for $10 million a year. But it would be funny if that happened.

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