James Harden : The Good, bad and ugly

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James Harden : The Good, bad and ugly

Hello, I'd like to hear your insights regarding Harden.

Offensively, he's the best player in the NBA right now. Seemingly unstoppable with the ball on his hands. Pass shoot and drive he can do it all and he has the best coach that caters to his strengths.

One thing I hate about him is that he flops too much causing lots of foul shots. Its a bad thing to see that you have to "ACT" in order to get to the free throw line and referees seem to give him the call each and every time. It's like the reverse hack-a-shaq but with the offensive player initiating the calls.

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I understand people are frustrated w/ Harden but it's hard to

deny his greatness - most people believe if Chris Paul does not pull a Hammy in the waning moments of Houston's game 5 victory over Golden State in the Western Conference Finals that Houston is the NBA Champion today

In the NBA there are Stars or All Stars & then there are Super Stars & the Super Stars put you in Title contention - the All Stars do not - they are your 2nd & 3rd options on Top teams

There are Only a handful of True difference making Super Stars in the NBA - actual Difference makers & Harden is Def one of them

I'm a Life Long Lakers fan & I would KILL to have Harden on my team

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he is not flopping that much

yeah, sometimes he flops but it is not that bad. He is aggressive and makes a lot of plays at the rim so there will be contact. He is certainly the best offensive player in the league and can score at will. That step back is deadly.

As great as Harden is on the court, I don't think this team will ever win a championship. Their style of play of playin ISO with nobody moving around eventually catches up to them when they play a team like Denver or GS in the playoffs and they'll be exposed yet again. I really wish Houston would move on from D'antoni, he is holding this team back. Imagine what Mike Budenholzer could do with this team? That would scary

they will go deep in the playoffs, but never surpass GS or Denver

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