Jameer Nelson to Bulls?

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Jameer Nelson to Bulls?

With Drose out for the year anyone think they look into Nelson to help fill the void. Nelson isn't the best defender, but is a solid shooter and very good in the pick 'n' roll. Do the Bulls have enough assets to pull off a deal?

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Just want a little input

I have a trade thats a little out there and i know i'm going to get negged just looking for a little input

Bulls trade: Gibson and Dunleavey

Nuggets trade: Faried, Chandler, and Miller

Bulls w/o Rose:

Miller - Butler - Deng - Boozer - Noah

Hinrich - Snell - Chandler - Faried - Mohammed

Bulls next year with Rose:

Rose - Butler - Chandler - Boozer - Noah

Miller - free agent - Snell - Faried - free agent

Nuggets w/o Gallinari:

Lawson - Foye - Hamilton - Gibson - McGee

Robinson - Fournier - Miller/Randolph - Hickson - Mozgov

Nuggets with Gallinari:

Lawson - Foye - Gallinari - Gibson - McGee

Robinson - Fournier - Hamilton - Hickson - Mozgov

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Seems like Denver is giving up quite a bit. Faired is better than Gibson and Chandler is better than Dunleavy, plus they throw in Miller. Gibson is also long term and pricey for a backup big.

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I second that. Denver loses

I second that. Denver loses talent and depth. Why on earth would they do this?

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