Jamal Murray

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Jamal Murray

I’ve always been pretty high on him since his Jordan Summit game or whatever game that was, but haven’t heard much about him until recently. People are starting to come around on him a lot, what’s his ceiling?

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If he can get some

If he can get some consistancy in his game then he can be an all star reserve quite soon. I can't see im turning into a true star player though.

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I agree..he just needs to be

I agree..he just needs to be consistent..very young and very talented..

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I see him as a poor man's pete maravich mixed with allen iverson. Can play off ball but also pg. Is always looking to score but can find the open man while being creative, sometimes too creative or may force shots occasionally. In his prime I can see him avg 24 5 and 8 for a season or 2 with mayb 5 or 6 all star games and an all nba 2nd team and 3rd team; one of each. Maybe 1 or 2 titles depending on how this nuggets team improves. Like EndgameDame said, if he can be more consistent, improve his shot selection/decision making, and improve his defense then he could be a pretty good player in this league for a few years. Not the cream of the crop but def tier 2 or 3 for a while

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Can't tell what his floor is

Can't tell what his floor is and right now this might be it, needs work on D, inconsistent on O but can really go off sometimes. If he becomes more consistent I could see him being a good combo guard type like CJ McCollum but I don't think he has the passing skills to ever average a ton of assists even as lead guard. Hes basically a 2 playing the 1 because of Jokics ability to facilitate. He fits well on teams that already have a primary fa&$#%#[email protected]!ator but he strikes me as a guy who would be super trust worthy handling that role on his own. He needs to work on those 3 things to become an all star but he definitely has the tools.

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I would bet he's an all-star

I would bet he's an all-star next season.

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I agree, he benefits from having jokics playmakes and passes on the post, he is running around off screens because of that, I believe he can be a Chauncey Billups type of a player, a scoring guard, who finds his shot first and sets his teammates later.

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good article

Here's a good local writer so take it as you like, but strong facts and support, worth a read:


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