Jabari Parker

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Jabari Parker

Out for the remainder of he season for torn aclnon same knee from 14.....

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he was having an amazing season and was forming a major one two punch with the greak! Sad for the organization because I think this really stunts their growth as far as contenders! I don't know why so many young players are getting such bad injuries but it's bad for the game. What diet is Lebron on because somehow he has remained that big and strong and plays so hard and has not been hurt! This is an indicator that though you want embeast and Simmons to play you must be super cautious.

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I think Lebron has one of the highest IQs of his own body. Lebron's body is naturally gifted. He doesn't need to workout 24/7 to be the way he is. He also eats well and stretches as long as he lifts, but he's just naturally gifted.

These other guys come into the league and tax their bodies. They want to "look" the part of an NBA player at 18 or 19. Grant Hill never had the Jabari Parker frame, and Grant seemed Jacked.

Much like a lot of the processed food we eat, these players are overworking, and overnutriented. It doesn't all have to happen overnight, take your time and let your body naturally get there.

Same for Simmons and Embiid. Yes, fine tune your body, but not everybody is going to look like Charles Oakley.

Its why I'm glad Simmons hasn't been looking as chiseled as he was in summer league. You can't enter the NBA and then suddenly become a gladiator at 20 years old, it takes time.

For everyone, know your bodies. Don't go 7 days a week in teh gym if you are really tired by the 6th day. Rest, because when you are tired and you havent taken the time to stretch, you are more likely to get hurt.

Simmons is what barely 20, no need for him to look like 30 year old Lebron right now, he's gotta take his time.

Sad, but I honestly think its because they are overmuscled and overworked and overnutriented.

Duke Jabari and Bucks Jabari were two totally different beasts.

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Really sucks man. Was rooting

Really sucks man. Was rooting for his success.

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Hes a class act.. I wish him

Hes a class act.. I wish him a speedy recovery.

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Horrible news for him and the

Horrible news for him and the Bucks. Just when they got Middleton back too.

Not endorsing the tank, but if they held him out til ASG 2018 or later i suppose it gives them a chance to get a couple of better draft picks than they would ordinarily have received.. then for 18-19 you should have (b y then) a superstar Giannis, sidekick Middleton, talented starters in Brogdon and Maker, some lottery picks and (fingers crossed) a 100% ready to go Jabari. Will suffer thru another season and a half of being a sub .500 team though

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Given where we are in the

Given where we are in the calendar in 2017, it would not be at all surprising if Parker doesn't play in 2017-18. The final stretch of the regular season is not an ideal time for a player to debut when coming off a major knee injury.

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man what for sh!tty news.

man what for sh!tty news. They really needed to get Middleton back after a really bad stretch and now this.

I really feel for Jabari who bounced back so well and still is so young. Hope he won't lose his confidence and will be back strong and mobile.

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man that sucks so bad! i hope

man that sucks so bad! i hope they dont rush him back. i hope he can heal physically and mentally. maybe i am wrong but it seems this draft class has had some horrible luck with getting hurt

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This sickens me I'm not a

This sickens me I'm not a Bucks fan but I watch Bari highlight package after every game I loved his approach to basketball

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He was looking so good this

He was looking so good this year. Way more explosive than he ever was pre-injury. This just flat out sucks for jabari and the bucks.

Can't help but think of Derrick rose when I heard about this. How ironic is it that both would come from the same high school and have similar knee troubles that could threaten to derail promising careers? I'll definitely be rooting for him to make a full recovery.

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Just coming into his

Just coming into his own

20ppg on 49% - absolute shame about this bad news

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This is bad, really bad. I am

This is bad, really bad. I am sick of having to deal with injuries and players that I like. It disgust me. I'm heart broken and speechless right now. Wow. Terrible.

Like someone mentioned above, bari was starting to show that subtle nasty athleticism that he's got in him. This is not only bad for him and the bucks team, this will have a major impact on Giannis as he was about to benefit immensely from playing with both, Middleton and Jabari. This SUCKS.

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Recovery time for an ACL can

Recovery time for an ACL can vary, 9 months to well over a year. D-Rose was effectively 17 months but that included the summer break and had apparently been cleared to play about 11 months to a year after his injury.

If we take the mid level for Jabari's return then it could be at the end of this year or about this time next year. I'd think the Bucks would be fairly careful as he had another ACL in 2014 and returned in under 11 months from that. I'd think it would be fair to say that Jabari won't play again this calendar year.

My concern would be with two ACLs in under 3 seasons will this have a lasting effect on his athleticism and more importantly his longevity in the NBA. Jabari is still only 21 so can probably refine his game without too much trouble. If Marc Gasol can learn a 3 point range at 31, then a decade younger Jabari can find a playing style that possibly puts less stress on his injury points. If however a less explosive Jabari can be as effective we'd have to wait and see, D-Rose has played to a certain level post injury but not up to his pre injury MVP level.

Jabari does seem to have a good basketball IQ and his coach Jason Kidd had one of the best, so I'd hope they could refine his game if needed.

Also it will be interesting to see if the Bucks try to extend Jabari this summer with a possible lower offer, GSW did great business by extending Steph Curry MVP when he had come off an injury curtailed season.

It may be the 2018-19 season before we see Jabari back to his current level as he'll need to recover, play again and then he'll do a full pre-season for that seadon.

I wish him all the best with his recovery.

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