Jabari Parker

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Jabari Parker

I get tired of the comparisons to Derrick Williams and Anthony Bennett. I say that because they don't even play alike at all and the only reason people make those comparisons because the perception that he plays like a power forward in small forwards body. That's what most believe the definition of " treener " mean. And Derrick Williams and Anthony Bennett didn't have small forward skills unlike Jabari Parker who can post up, shoot the mid-range jump shot, shoot the three point jump shot, create his own shot, handle the basketball, take it coast to coast, finish through contact, among many more. Derrick Williams and Anthony Bennett do not have the skills of Jabari Parker or they don't have the physical measurements as Jabari Parker. Anthony Bennett is 6'7", Derrick Williams is 6'8", and Jabari Parker is 6'9" with a 7' wingspan and a 9' standing reach which is the same as Julius Randle and Aaron Gordan and is greater than Joakim Noah's and Blake Griffins wingspan and standing reach.

So if you expect his physical measurements to hold him back against NBA 4's than you can expect the same with Julius Randle and Aaron Gordan. Of coarse I don't expect him to be able to guard Blake Griffin, LaMarcus Aldrich, and the Tim Duncan's of the world but when you have Larry Sanders he can guard them. But I expect Jabari Parker going to be there small forward if Jason Kidd coach.

Let's me tell you about his conditioning yeah he's a little bit out of shape. But people think 12% of body fat is overweight than most of America is overweight than. But people act like he's not going to a NBA training facilities and his job is to play basketball. I can expect him to trim down to about 240 pounds when the NBA season arrives. So by losing that weight will only make him quicker of his feet and more athletic as he lose his baby fat and have his body fat to 5-7%.

I won't be suprised if Jabari Parker average 20-23 points per game 8 rebounds per game 2 assist per game 1 steal per game and 1 block per game. I won't be because Milwaukee have no other scoring options so I can expect him to have big time numbers in Milwaukee and his only competition is Andrew Wiggins ( i've grown to be a big fan ), Noah Vonleh, and Dante Exum. I got Jabari Parker winning because the voters love scoring and the last couple of rookie of the years award came down to who scored the most points even though he's not winning or having a better all around season.

Again being versatile doesn't make you a " tweener " it makes a a very versatile player and the ability to play multiple positions makes you a better player. LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony can be labled " tweeners " because they can play both positions and do multiple things on the court. My comparison to Jabari Parker is Grant Hill with a shot and less play making abilities mix with a little Carmelo Anthony.

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