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GO DUCKS!!!! This is a much needed marquee recruit in our class! This honestly brings ray of hope to our basketball program that is so needed. We have had great success in football the last few years, and I would say that has been thanks in large part to our old offensive coordinator and new Head Coach, Chip Kelly. However, I amongst numerous other Duck fans was waiting for the day a new regime came to take over our basketball program that had pretty much gone bust since Aaron Brooks left town. Even though Brooks has only been gone 3 years, the 3 years before than were nearly as stagnant, with underachieving teams and players who never developed to their full potential. We needed a change, and so far, I am very happy with Dana Altman. He may not have been our first choice, and he has an incredible test to face this year with our team basically devoid of major new additions and the loss of numerous starters and contributors to a team that still finished bottom of the Pac-10, but Dana is giving us something to look forward too for the year after and our first full year playing at Matt Knight Court. I believe Jabari is a potential McDonald's All-American and he will have a very bright future at U of O. Way to go Jabari, I think and hope you will be happy with your choice!

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I really was hoping to see

I really was hoping to see him wear maroon and gold for ASU even if the sundevils are pretty stacked at his position. But anyways, congrats on the pickup as an Oregon fan. You got yourself a great player. Should be fun to watch Jabari Brown match up with Keala King or Jahii Carson from arizona state and Nick Johnson from UofA.

Its good to see the Pac 10 is starting to build momentum again. I think they will be one of the top conferences in basketball again by next season.

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last year not one pac 10 guy

last year not one pac 10 guy left early for the draft for the first time in forever. This coming year, almost all the top players in the conference are under classmen. Ty Abbott of asu and calvin haynes of osu are the only two seniors next year that i see making an all conference team. Pac 10 is gonna bounce back hard in another year.

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On twitter, its saying Wroten

On twitter, its saying Wroten to Washington.

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