It's like Phoenix was listening to me.....

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It's like Phoenix was listening to me.....

Essentially just states Phoenix looking to talk to Indiana, Clippers & Brooklyn about Joseph, Beverley & Dinwiddie.
(Kind of mentioned these guys as targets when Knight got traded)

Anyway for me I'd have Dinwiddie at the top of my list as he is the most talented and could stick around little longer.
But if the idea is for Okobo or Melton to take over I think Joseph would be the best pick given his demeanour, the teams he has played for & basic fit next to Booker.

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Id have Beverley at the top

Id have Beverley at the top of my list to mentor Okobo and Melton.

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Melton got traded...

Melton got traded...

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... to Phoenix as a part of

... to Phoenix as a part of the Knight deal

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I hope they get Dinwiddie. I

I hope they get Dinwiddie. I like his game and he needs an opportunity to show what he can do.

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Dinwiddie is too ball

Dinwiddie is too ball dominant to pair with Booker. I'd go with game-manager Joseph or defensive-minded Beverely.

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Credit due!

Credit due!

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I do get it why u like DimWiddie b/c he's a real untapped talent

And I believe the Nets really like him & rightfully so. But Dim is more of a ball dominant combo Point

Phoenix has some serious blue chip Talent in Booker, Josh Jax Ayton - they need a pass first PG who will help them establish what should become a Nightmare to defend Inside Outside game w/ Ayton & Booker & Bridges w/ Jackson getting a ton of space to slash to the Rim off Cuts & Rub Outs & Backdoor screens

I agree that Beverly would be outstanding in that role w/ his defense & unselfishness

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