It's Official: Jason Kidd is the Brooklyn Net's new head coach.

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It's Official: Jason Kidd is the Brooklyn Net's new head coach.

Man, that was quick.

Good luck Jason!

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It'll be interesting to see if one of the games greatest on-court minds in the last couple of decades can lead a team effectively. There's a big difference between coaching and playing, as he'll find out quickly. I wish him the best of luck as a head coach!

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Quite shocking overall. Good

Quite shocking overall. Good luck to Jason Kidd. I hope it works out wonderfully for him and the Nets.

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Honestly speaking me being a

Honestly speaking me being a 18 year old kid from Queens I grew up watching Jason Kidd play for the Nets. He took a team that starred Nenad Krstic, Kmart, Kerry Kittles, RJ and Scalabrine and brought them to the Finals twice, almost averaging a triple double, I was amazed. I can happily say he is my favorite player of all time and I wish him all the success in the world as a coach. Great basketball player and mind!

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^^^^ im w you. and without a

^^^^ im w you. and without a doubt i always thought JKidd was the sickest PG of our generation. It was showtime to see him and Kmart play together. i can remember all those great games he had in PHX as well.

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i hope it works

no coaching experience just hung up the kicks there were better coaches out there ijs!

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No doubt in my mind hes gonna

No doubt in my mind hes gonna be a fantastic coach. Great basketball mind and I think he'll have a big influence on Deron too. Nets arent going anywhere but up.

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He was playing for the knicks

He was playing for the knicks a few weeks ago and now he's a head coach! good luck to him

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At the very least it is going

At the very least it is going to be interesting.

And I'm glad we didn't get a recycled coach.

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But he's still just a Kidd. Sorry, couldn't resist.

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I think the

Mark Jackson experiment in Oakland is what is driving this. Glad kidd gets to lead our team and hopefully were ready

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This is a head scratcher for

This is a head scratcher for me. Never thought of him as the coaching type....... should be interesting.

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This difference with Mark

This difference with Mark Jackson is that he is a few years removed from the league. He spent a lot of time with Van Gundy in the booth. It might be tough for him since he might have personal relationships with other players

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He'll be fine

He'll be fine, he'll already get the respect of his players which is half the battle. I heard he's bringing in Lawrence Frank as his assistant so he's covered the x's and o's side. Kidd is going to be just fine.

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idk about that, i think him

idk about that, i think him and dwill might clash a little bit.

think about this though, just watch if he loses a ton and loses his job, the interm coach would be frank. back from the old bag head days! frank is a good coach tho and i liked him as the coach of the pistons a ton. i wish they could have made a new deal and kept him.

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sucks to be brian shaw and

sucks to be brian shaw and all the other hard working assistant coaches who have been waiting for a head coach position since time. this guy retires and eight seconds later gets hired as a HEAD coach. congrats to him but it sucks for the guys grinding hard out there for years now

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Jason Kidd had a playing CV

Jason Kidd had a playing CV that from a personal performance point was way ahead of most NBA assistant coaches but in any sport a great player may not always make a great coach. But Brooklyn have made a bold move and Coach Kidd does have a nice ring to it.

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