Is it good pairing up prior teammates in the NBA?

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Is it good pairing up prior teammates in the NBA?

Like the caves could be in a position to draft Austin, Cory Jefferson and pierre jackson. or Nerlens Noel and Archie Goodwin.
Or the bobcats in a position to draft Zeller and Oladipo.
Or like pairing Lorenzo Brown with CJ Leslie?...
B-mac and Withey?

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They paired Patterson up with

They paired Patterson up with Cousins and Cousins is still playing up so maybe thats not a good example.

Its an interesting question though, would like others to comment on it....

I can only think of James Worthy and Sam Perkins but I am sure there is heaps of other examples. Olajuwon and Drexler in Houston

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Jazz have 2 first round

Jazz have 2 first round picks, and it's possible they could go Trey Burke with their first selection and follow it up with Glen Robinson III. Both positions are a need and both players could be the best player available by the time they select.

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I think it helps with the

I think it helps with the transition to the league, but with the prominance of AAU and elite level camps, a lot of the top picks know each other pretty well. It's probably not a huge factor because most of these guys probably know at least one of the younger guys on an select NBA team.

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Morris twins teammates for life

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Clearly reuniting Mike Miller

Clearly reuniting Mike Miller with Udonis Haslem is why the Heat have taken off since 2010.

Honestly, why would a team want to recreate the 2013 Baylor or Kentucky team in the NBA? Even NC State? If the team has great talent, it certainly does not hurt to get two players from that team, but the benefit goes as far as the talent allows.

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