It gets worse in Washington....

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It gets worse in Washington....

I just can't believe how bad they are, I watched parts of the game and even during their late run you could tell they weren't going to get there.

What can they possibly do?
I'd start Oubre and Porter at forward spots, try play fast and score a bunch of points the best they can.

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I've been saying that for a

I've been saying that for a year, Porter has to play as PF with Oubre at 3.

Washington is playing fast they rank 7th in pace, but in today's game they just can't play Morris as their 4 especially if you don't have a good rim protector.

Also, there's no way Porter is just taking 10 shots per game when this guy is a 50+FG% and 43+ 3P% over the last 2 years.. he should be getting at least 15 shots a game.

so yeah, they should keep playing this fast pace while having Beal and Porter bombing 3's as they both are very efficient shooters, plus Wall whould have more space to get to the rim instead of shooting all those bricks.

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I guess the big issue is the

I guess the big issue is the $ you'll have to pay Oubre long-term.

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3 options as the owner/GM.

Brooks always loses the locker room after about 3-4 seasons very basic rotations and very predictable hence teams firing him + players tuning him out..

The Gm has 3 options

1) Trade everyone for picks +young talent hit reset for the highest available picks and fire the coach while hiring a good developmental one

2)Trade everyone except Beal put him on ice for the season get a high pick and hit reset with a new coach

3)Fire the coach and get a coach that can get them to sort their ish out...

My personal choice would be number 1 try get as much young talent as possible as this team has unfortunately hit its ceiling..

Possible deals for them:

Beal and Oubre for Ball and Ingram+ an average deal like KCP

Wall to any team that will take him possible options: Suns,Pelicans,Orlando,NYK,Dallas and Detroit..You would try get the best available need after Beal trade so either a SG,C orPF that fits new direction...

Keep Porter as you can use him as stretch 4 beside Ingram if you did the Beal trade + I don't know who could use him and have cap room...

Trade everyone else you don't think fit for expiring deals then build around younger core..

I would make all trades at trade deadline by which time the season is already decided and that way the young incoming pieces can't win to many games for you and ruin your potential pick which hopefully would be top 5..

Then you move forward with a more hungry core and if Brooks is kept will actually listen to him if not the will give the new coach a chance as they aren't veterans yet...

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Wasn't it last season that

Wasn't it last season that Wall was injured and the Wizards were actually playing good basketball?

I would trade Wall to maybe the Magic or the Suns.

Would the Magic give up Gordon and Vucevic for Wall and Oubre jr. which would see the Magic starting 5: Wall, Fournier, Oubre jr, Isaac and Bamba and the Wizards would have Beal, Porter, Gordon and Vucevic starting.

Or Wall to the Suns for Okobo, Bender and Warren/Ariza.

Furthermore get rid of Howard.

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I know he hasn't played much

I know he hasn't played much this season but is dwight howard a cancer both on and off the court ?

Hornets are usually a strong team, usually in the playoffs. Last season with dwight they were bad, now this season ar 500 and sitting in a 6 seed again.

Houston and Atlanta in seasons past with dwight howard fell short of expectations

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Washington hitting reset

Washington hitting reset would be hard as next season John Wall's super max kicks in and to move that deal would mean taking back some big contracts if he wasn't moved this season. Beal is the one guy they would likely want to keep but his age and contract could give them best trade value.

Otto Porter has improved year on year and should be getting more shots but would a team consider trading for him given his big deal too.

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