International Basketball

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International Basketball

Ok so I was watching the sports news here in Australia and Australia vs Philippines comes on. I'm like yeh sweet and next thing I know Andray Blatche shows up on my TV!

Now I thought it was ridiculous when Chris Kaman played for Germany in the Olympics because his Grandmother spent a few years there.

But does anyone have any info on how Blatche is in anyway connected to The Philippines!? Maybe his mother's cousin travelled there one time? It's getting ridiculous with the loopholes you can go through to play for some countries.

Thinking of applying for the Lesotho National Team in the next African Championships.

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We naturalized Andray

We naturalized Andray Blatched to have a Filipino citizenship, It was ammended in the congress and was approved by the president just in time per Fiba regulations, it was between him and Marcus Douthit (Lakers draftee 2004 ).

Blatched was entertained with the idea when his former Team mate, Javale Mcgee, travelled to the Philippines and was intrigued to play in an International Game,

Naturalizing a player is not new now, Apparently we filipinos lack the size to compete against taller guys like you, we dont have the right genes, we were not build to be tall and fast at the same time, 1: all our population is the ratio of an overly athletic big, evident with Japeth Aguilar

Naturalized player

Serge Ibaka - Spain (Congolese)

Shawn Redhage - Austrailia (Native of Florida)

Ricky grace - Austrailia ( Oklahoma)

Scott Fisher - Austrailia

Joe Vogel - Lebanon (Native of Nebraska)

Jackson Vroman - Lebanon ( American)

Rasheim Wright - Jordan (Native of Philadelphia)

Marquez Haynes - Georgia (Texas)

Hakeem Olajuwon - USA (Nigerian)

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Naturalizing foreign players

Naturalizing foreign players (mostly Americans) is very common in Europe. Every nation can naturalize as many americans as they want but only one can play in a game. Im from Bulgaria and (sadly) there are at least 5 or 6 Americans holding Bulgarian passports as of now. Most of them hadn't set foot in Bulgaria. Actually it is a semi-legal business, the hole thing Americans obtaining EU-citizenships. It is about their value as players, they don't count as foreign players anywhere in the European Union once they got a passport, even a Bulgarian one. So playing for a NT is secondary in almost all of the cases. Hese is a list of US-born players who holds bulgarian citizenship: Cedric Simmons, Roderick Blakney, Earl J. Rowland, Earl Calloway, Andre Owens, Ibrahim Jaaber and Jared Homan. Those six were given bulgarian passports so to play for the Nat. team, and I can asure you that is was a hard time convincing any of them to do it at least once over the years. Currently the Eurobasket 2015 quals are going on, and none of the aforementioned agreed to play for our NT. i am glad they said "no", I dont want them bc they are spurting the growth of domestic players. I admitt that with an American ot the rooster most of the teams in Europe are better, but it is a 2-way blade, so i am happy we dont have one this year.

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Oliver Lafayette obtained a

Oliver Lafayette obtained a EU passport to play for Croatia and he has no ties to the country, but now he's more valuable to European clubs.

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