Interesting league leaders thus far

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Interesting league leaders thus far

FT percentage - Malcolm Brogdon (98%)

Double Doubles - Joel Embiid (30)

3pt percentage - Davis Bertans (50%)

2pt FG's - Demar Derozan (303)

Personal Fouls - Jaren Jackson Jr (127)

Player Efficiency Rating - Anthony Davis (29.6)

Defensive Rating - Russell Westbrook(!!) - (97.5)

True Shooting Percentage - DeAndre Jordan (67%)

Minutes Played - Jrue Holiday (1286)

*Which one surprises you the most? Russell Westbrook leading the league in defensive rating & steals is pretty crazy to me. But we have to give some credit to the rest of the OKC defense for being super stingy allowing Westbrook to go after those steals. DeAndre Jordan improving his FT percentage this year is a nice surprise to his game, and a good example to other poor FT shooters that improvement is possible

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Embiid is obviously super

Embiid is obviously super talented, but him currently beating out the like of Anthony Davis, Giannis, Gobert and Drummond to lead the league in double doubles is a bit surprising to me.

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gobert has 29, drummond 27.

gobert has 29, drummond 27. some guys are behind in games played so.. barring no injuries, its gonna be close till the end, no surprise

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Embiid should not be a surprise - he was on Min restrictions

his 1st 2 years but all his projections measured up identically w/ the greatest Big men of All Time & Phila w/ Analytics w/ Embiid on the court put up stats equal to a 67 win team

The dude is unstoppable - he's got something like 10 - 30+ points 12+ Reb games already

Embiid is a Monster at Both ends & can shoot from outside & he's clutch w/ FT's

If Ben Simmons ever learns to shoot that Sixers team will be a Problem

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Deandre Jordan hitting 71% of

Deandre Jordan hitting 71% of his FTs so far has been a huge surprise, considering he’s never been above 58% in any other season. You have to wonder how sustainable it is. On a less positive note, his defensive impact has slipped considerably over the last few seasons.

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I'm shocked! I thought Jaren

I'm shocked! I thought Jaren had more fouls.

Not a shocking stat, but Giannis is leading the league in dunks this season -- and is well on his way to BREAKING Dwight Howard's single season record.

Who is leading the league in +/- does anyone know?

A cool stat that probably has never been counted: Alley-oop assists. That would be a fun one to look into. Donczilla might be winning that stat this year. Alley-oops don't tell the whole story, but your are at least doing something right.

Drawn Charges would be another interesting stat.

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Hustle Stats (

Hardaway has Drawn Charges 14 in 33 games, Lowry has 13 in 30 games and Griffin has 13 in 31 games. Lowry usually leads in this stat.

Pascal Siakam leads in contested 3 point shots with 159.

Covington leads in deflections with 115 followed by Paul George with 114 and Holiday with 112. Surprisingly enough Harden is high on this list with 100.

George also has 79 loose balls recovered which is byfar the most in the league.

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The title of the post was also more catchy than this one

I believe this topic has already been thouroughly discussed in the following post:

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