interesting change of pace this year

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interesting change of pace this year

A few weeks ago maybe a month-month and 1/2 I had said on here during a forum discussion that this years draft had the potential to be like the NFL's where teams draft based off need due to the weakeness in this years draft and so far I have to stand by the statement. In all the mocks we have seen even as far as the debate about who #1 will be its all centred around teem need, and not gunna lie I like drafting based off teeem need 9times out a 10. Not only do I think its a bit more interesting cause rather than debate whose a better prospect which is done about players from the time they pop onto the national stage at the highschool level the debate is who fills our need best and who fits into our system best. Yes when there's a Michael Jordan available and you have Clyde drexler you take him or when there's a guy whose an absolute stud or u fall in lov with his abilities despite having a quality player go for it but the constant drafting of BPA I feel like doesn't always help the team progress plus I feel like its a disservice to vets on your roster since u pretty much tell them wev given up on u being a long term fit despite how uve played.

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I like picking by need better than BPA but

BPA can also work if you have smart personnel people. If you have Michael Jordan or Isaiah Thomas, it destroys your franchise. If you have R.C. Buford, Jerry West, Larry Bird, or Kevin Pritchard, it works.

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The ability of the GM to know who that BPA is really key. Most people are good at telling who you should have picked 3 years after the draft, not one month before. And if you look at draft records, Isiah Thomas did a great job drafting. It was his trading of draft picks that killed him.

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Isiah Thomas was good at drafting? Kinda...

* if any of these players weren't drafted by Thomas please let me know. Gm's get signed after the draft every once in a while.

#8 Michael Sweetney.... terrible

#44 Trevor Ariza... nice pick for where he was taken

#8 Channing Frye... way too high for who he is (this draft wasn't that strong though)

#20 Renaldo Balkman HAHAHAHAHA!

#29 Mardy Collins... I thought he would last longer than he did

#23 Wilson Chandler... solid value for where you got him

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