Interesting 3 team trade idea from the Canis Hoopus Forums

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Interesting 3 team trade idea from the Canis Hoopus Forums

So I was reading the Canis Hoopus blog, and an interesting trade idea showed up on the forums. The base of it would be a three-team deal as follows:

Wolves get: Omer Asik Wolves give: Nikola Pekovic

Rockets get: Ryan Anderson Rockets give: Omer Asik

Pelicans get Nikola Pekovic Pelicans give: Ryan Anderson sounds like a trade out of 2k. But I honestly think a deal like that would benefit all the teams. You'd probably have to include pieces to make the salaries match up, but I think this would be a great deal for every team. What do y'all think?

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I don't like the deal for the

I don't like the deal for the Wolves. Pek is a much better offensive player than Asik. Although Asik is a greak defender, I like Pek with Love. The Rockets definitely benefit as Anderson would allow them to spread the floor and Dwight and Asik clearly don't work. I'm neutral on the trade for the Pelicans.

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It sounds ok but I think Pek

It sounds ok but I think Pek has a bit more value for the wolves, they might need another player or draft pick to sweeten the deal for the wolves to even consider the deal. The wolves are healthy and playing well, i just don't see them wanting to do anything to upset the chemistry

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It could work for Minny, as

It could work for Minny, as Pekovic has struggled early in the season, with the Love-Pekovic combo not working out as well as hoped. Still, the Wolves are winning, so they can afford to be patient.

I definitely don't think the Pelicans do this deal, though. Anderson's floor spacing could really help create driving lanes for their ball-handling perimeter players and, if the early going is any indication, they should be much better defensively than they were last year. Pekovic is not much of a stopper himself, so any potential boost he offers the Pelicans defense is offset by the fact that he is a major downgrade on offense for the Pelicans.

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Minnesota would save $ but

Minnesota would save $ but they'd be downgrading their center position, and with the playoffs in sight, no move like this is going to be made

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Love that deal

Love that deal for all parties. Asik is an absolutely PERFECT fit next to Love, his interior D is an essential skill that Pekovic lacks. Anderson to Houston is a home run as well, as he's proven in the past that he's a terrific compliment to Dwight. And the Pelicans get a legit C in Pekovic, who paired with Davis would make one of the most well-rounded, elite frontcourts in the league. Each one of these teams should jump at that trade.

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