Iman Shumpet and Ryan Harrow

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Iman Shumpet and Ryan Harrow

Iman Shumpet has been killing this year he is avg 16.1ppg 3.4apg 5.5rpg 2.6spg

Do you think he can be a first round pick.

If he keep playing like this he will be a first round pick next year to me

Ryan Harrow look like a pretty good player to me he is avg 11.2ppg 3.4apg as a freshman

Do you think he can be a first round pick in the next 4 year to come.

If he can work on his shot he got a real good chance to become a first round pick.

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I'm a big Iman fan, but he's

I'm a big Iman fan, but he's not really playing any different this year than years past other than being a little more aggressive scoring the ball. Jumper still hasn't found consistency, and he's still having issues finishing. Seems to try and do more than he's able to. Hasn't been expected to facilitate as much this year as past. Still has good potential defensively and could be a good find in the second looking for a complimentary ballhandler/scorer/defender. His game reminds me of Jamaal Crawford's early in his career it's not even funny. Right down to the bad shooting percentage. Can play some D though unlike Jamaal. Could probably end up having a career similar to Antonio Daniels, or Smush Parker in his first year with L.A. Pre-attitude issues.

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