Iman Shumpert's role with the Knicks

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Iman Shumpert's role with the Knicks

When we speak Knicks basketball as of late, all the talk surrounds Amar'e and his return. I would like to know what Iman's role will be when he comes back and what type of impact will he make. Does Kidd go to the bench and Iman come right in to start?

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He's a wing defensive

He's a wing defensive specialist. The way that those guys are usually used is starting so they can defend the opposing team's best perimeter threat to hopefully disrupt their early rhythm. It's kinda pointless for a wing defensive specialist to come off the bench. I think either Kidd goes to the bench or the Knicks go small with a 3 guard starting lineup, Melo at the 4.

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Personally I'd put him in the

Personally I'd put him in the starting line-up just to ensure JR and Iman both get their minutes. Have Kidd primarily work in the PG role with just a little sg play. Once him and Amare are back healthy this will be the deepest team in the league IMO even over the Clippers

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I think Iman takes Brewer and

I think Iman takes Brewer and Prigioni minutes. He should start and Kidd and Smith should come off the bench. That's my opinion.

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YES. I hope he can be a

YES. I hope he can be a factor once again.

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Iman will be guarding the

Iman will be guarding the opposing team best perimeter players.

Also he can get to the rim with his drives which the Knicks will need.
Kidd looks tired will be good for him to get some rest.

Felton is taking too many shots Iman will take some of those shots away.

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Gotta agree with Siggy on

Gotta agree with Siggy on this one. You absolutely have to make sure that JR gets to keep his minmutes up the way he's been playing this year, but Iman is their best defender and rightfully earned his role as defensive stopper/starter last year. Great balance at the shooting guard position in NYK. Only qualm I have, is the worries of Felton and Iman having inconsistent jumper allowoing to teams to pack the paint or consistently double down on Melo.

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As long as Iman promises not

As long as Iman promises not to shoot as much as last year he should start...maybe not right away since he is coming off a serious injury but once he gets back into the swing of things that seems like the best option.

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Knicks have more than 1 year left of shump

There is no reason to rush him back and because he is on a rookie contract and there are so many veterans on the team, there is no reason to give him anything that he has not already earned. That said he will prob chip into brewer's mins once he is healthy and give kidd/felton some relief if his offensive game starts looking like it is moving in the right direction.

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I think he will take nearly

I think he will take nearly every minute from Brewer and start in the five in lieu of Jason Kidd, which means that NYK will have a top 2 bench unit (with LAC) with Camby, Stoud, JR and Kidd and to make it 5 you add whoever u want betwen Sheed, Brewer and Novak. What a deep bench seriously..

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He needs to get back into

He needs to get back into rotation but whatever role they settle on for Shumpert I think they have to stick to it as there could
be a logical school of thought to get him back into the starting line up but then come play offs they may want to go back to Kidd's greater experience as a starter. I'd be quite happy for Iman to come off the bench for the rest of this season but to help reduce Kidd's minutes to keep him fresh for later in the season. With STAT also due to come back soon then the Knicks will have a hugely deep roster for the rest of the season.

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Kidd needs to cut his minutes

Kidd needs to cut his minutes to get some rest, but if he goes to the bench for shump, then the team will fall apart. Kidd needs to be a starter.

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They're going to be a very good

They're going to be a very good defensive team when they have Chandler-Shumpert-Brewer out on the floor.

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