If the playoffs started today?

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If the playoffs started today?

Clippers at no.4 seed while Grizzlies at no.5, but the Grizzlies have the better record, who has homecourt advantage?

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clippers i believe because

clippers i believe because they won their division

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The Grizzlies do. If a team

The Grizzlies do. If a team wins their division, they're guaranteed a top 4 seed, but not homecourt advantage. It doesn't really make sense to me, but that's the rule. "In every series, the home-court advantage goes to the team with the better record during the regular season, regardless of its standing in the division race. Thus, if a division winner plays a second-place team from another division that had a better regular season record, the second-place team would get the home-court advantage."

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Correct.This happened last year

Correct.This happened last year with the Hawks and Celtics with Atlanta having home court advantage but boston with the division title.

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