if kobe the closest to Jordan what kobe weakness? does he have any?

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if kobe the closest to Jordan what kobe weakness? does he have any?

many may say bron is but to me he doesnt have the beast in him. thoughts?

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Did you see LeBron's block

Did you see LeBron's block last night? That was BEAST.

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Terrible shot selection. Low

Terrible shot selection. Low percentage volume scorer, not the best teammate (from what I have read)
Kobe isnt really that close to MJ man. Closeset hing in terms of playstyle but not in terms of dominance and greatness.

Kobe has 2 finals MVP's in 17 years

Jordan had 6 finals MVP's in 15 years (that including his 2 years with the Wizards)

People that think Kobe is actually anywhere close to Jordan are dilusional

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Team player? Arrogance?

Team player? Arrogance?

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His ability to play team

His ability to play team basketball has also got to be a weakness.

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Kobe emulates Jordan

Kobe emulates Jordan offensively but does he do anything better than MJ? I don't think so. He isn't as good as a defender as Michael was. He can't attack the rim or shoot better than MJ. He isn't a better passer or teammate either. So Kobe's game might looks like Michael's from time to time and even the stats look somewhat similar but he just isn't on his level.

There will never be another MJ but if you are going by who is the next best player behind him you would have to go LeBron over Kobe. LeBron is at least as good as MJ at attacking the rim. He is also on the level of MJ as a defender. He is a better passer then MJ as well...so while Kobe's game looks more like Michale's then LeBron's does it doesn't mean he is closer to his level.

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he is 1 of the greatest

he is 1 of the greatest scorers to ever play but yes lets be realistic. MJ and kobe are not on the same level. mj was maybe the biggest icon in sports history where as kobe is a HUGE household name and has been for years but isnt exactly on an elite level of celebrities..well at least not anymore. But i agree his shot selection isnt the best, though i find it to be much better when he 'facilitates' aka actually passes the ball. I think his jumpshot overall is right on par with MJ but the complete game isnt as sharp

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Kobe also probably isn't the

Kobe also probably isn't the defender/rebounder that Jordan was and LeBron is. Not that he was necessarily bad at those things, but he wasn't as great. Kobe is an incredibly good scorer, but he doesn't have the complete all-around game of LeBron James or Michael Jordan, whose scoring numbers were even better.

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After 10 seasons: Jordan (9

After 10 seasons:

Jordan (9 full seasons plus his partial comeback year): 3 titles, 3 MVP awards, 3 Finals MVP's

LeBron (10 full seasons): 1 title, 4 MVP awards, 1 Finals MVP

Kobe (10 full seasons): 3 titles, 0 MVPs, 0 Finals MVPs

Based on 10 years in, LeBron is way past Kobe in terms of MVP's (and Kobe only had one for his career), has one more Finals MVP awards so far, along with a title.

Jordan is tops here with 3 of each. LeBron, however, could end up winning the title this year along with the Finals MVP which would place him in great company and on pace to meet or exceed MJ's lofty standards.

10 years in, Bill Russell was the best. 9 titles and 5 MVP awards. Magic was actually second best with 5 titles, 3 Finals MVP's, and two regular season MVP's. Kareem had 5 MVP's 10 years in, but only one title and only one Finals MVP.

Larry Bird was as good as anyone with 3 rings, 3 (straight) MVP's, and two Finals MVP awards. But, that is what he finished with too.

Duncan was a beast and had a good first 10 years as anyone. 4 rings, 3 Finals MVP's and 2 regular season MVP's (back to back).

Shaq was great too. 3 titles, 3 Finals MVP's, and one regular season MVP award.

Wilt lagged some of these guys but 10 years in he had 4 MVP awards and 1 ring as the main guy on a great team.

While LeBron is on pace with these all-time greats, and with a title and Finals MVP would actually be up there with Magic and Mike, just behind Bill Russell, Kobe lagged his first ten years in, and still only has 2 Finals MVP trophies and one regular season trophy. LeBron could match his Finals MVP trophies THIS YEAR, and has lapped him in terms of regular season MVP trophies. And, with the LeBron, Wade, Bosh, Chalmers, and Birdman Heat core just now hitting their stride, I think that LeBron can get to 5 titles.

After this season, LeBron could be at 2 titles, 4 regular season MVP awards, and 2 Finals MVP's. That would put him in the building with Jordan (three of each, 10 years in). NOT KOBE.

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MVPS (finals or regular season) don't matter has much as CHIPS, Steve Nash has more than Kobe/Shaq/KG but no rings
Kobe has 5 CHIPS , Lebron has to win a couple more to be on the same level as Kobe in accomplishments.

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Kobe is a punk

A skilled, high scoring punk, but a punk nonetheless. Jordan was a fierce competitor, and could bait opponents with the best of them, but he was no punk.

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For a quick check at the

For a quick check at the all-time greats you can do worse than add up the total amount of titles, regular season MVP's and Finals MVP awards.

In first, Michael Jordan with 17 (6 titles, 6 Finals MVPs, 5 regular season MVPs).

Second, Bill Russell at 16 (11 titles, 5 MVP's)

Third, Kareem at 14 (6 rings, 6 MVP's, 2 Finals MVP trophies)

Fourth, Magic with 11 (5 titles, 3 regular season MVP's, 3 Finals MVPs)

Tim Duncan is at 9 (4 rings, 2 regular season MVP's, 3 Finals MVP's)

Then you have Bird, Shaq, and Kobe at 8.

Wilt at 7 with 4 MVP's, 2 rings, and a Finals MVP.

LeBron at 6 with 4 regular season MVP awards, a title and a Finals MVP trophy.

No list is perfect but this is pretty dang close. Only four guys with 10 or more (Jordan, Russell, Kareem, and Magic) with Duncan and some other greats right behind. LeBron is moving up and with a title and a finals MVP against the Spurs would move into a tie with Bird, Shaq, and Kobe. Even Wilt, a guy who probably should have had more rings is well represented on this list, coming in at 9th place behind only some of the all-time greats.

I just listed ten guys, probably all in the Top Ten list of all-time greats. Russell, Kareem, Mike, and Magic are the top four on this list and probably 4 of the 5 greatest ever (with the fifth guy being Wilt or Bird or LeBron or Duncan or Shaq).

Bob Cousy could skew this list since he finished with 6 titles and an MVP trophy. That would tie him for 9th place with Wilt, leaving LeBron just outside the Top 10 on this list. But, I think that LeBron will get at least one more title, Finals MVP award, or regular season MVP award (he could get two of these by the end of the month) which will put him safely into the Top Ten.

I like Finals MVP awards since it shows you were the top guy on a title team. Kobe has 5 rings, but only two as the top dog -- hence only 2 Finals MVP's.

Taking away titles and only relying on regular season MVP awards and Finals MVP awards, here is the list of the top five guys (Bill Russell didn't play in the era of Finals MVP's while the award existed when Wilt got his second title).

1. Jordan with 11 (6 Finals MVP's and 5 regular season MVP's)

2. Kareem with 8 (2 Finals MVP's and 6 regular season MVP's)

3. Magic with 6 (3 Finals MVP's and 3 regular season MVP's)

4 tie. Tim Duncan with 5 (3 Finals MVP's and 2 regular season MVP's)

4 tie. Larry Bird with 5 (2 Finals MVP's and 3 regular season MVP's)

4 tie. Wilt with 5 (1 Finals MVP award and 4 regular season MVP's)

4 tie. LeBron with 5 (1 Finals MVP award and 4 regular season MVP's)

8 tie. Shaq with 4 (3 Finals MVP's and 1 regular season MVP)

8 tie. Moses Malone with 4 (1 Finals MVP and 3 regular season MVP's)

8 tie. Bill Russell with 4 (4 regular season MVP's)

That's another great list. Again, Jordan is at the top with Kareem and Magic in second and third place. Then you have a long jam with Duncan, Bird, Wilt, and LeBron. However, if LeBron gets a title he will probably also win the Finals MVP award which will move him into a tie for third place with Magic Johnson.

Both lists look good. The second one places more emphasis on being THE MAN on a title team, however, it does skew Bill Russell's place in history. Either way though, Bill Russell is still in the top 10.

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Finals MVPs

The fact that they didn't give out Finals MVP until 1969 skews this a little, as Wilt probably has one more and you might guess that Russell would have scored a couple

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Jordan was about a 60% TS% in

Jordan was about a 60% TS% in his best years. That is very good efficiency and he was doing it on high volume. Kobe was about 56% TS% for most of his best years (and strangely this last year was one of his career best at 57%). 56% is good, solidly above league average. And he did it on very high volume. But 56 to 60 is a pretty big difference. Also Jordan lead league in steals many years while Kobe was never more than just good in that. At one point Kobe looked like he was going to develop and challenge Jordan. He was farther along at 19 and 20 than Jordan was. But he never could figure out the difference between a shot that he "might" make and a shot that he should take. Not that he wasn't great, but nobody should really seriously be comparing him to Michael anymore.

Lebron is a different story. Yes, there are some mental issues. But he makes up for a lot of that with even greater physical gifts than Jordan had. This last year Lebron had 64% TS%. Jordan never came close to touching that level of efficiency. And Lebron still might be getting better because he might still be improving his mental game and his jumper.

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1A White Women 1B Vanessa

1A White Women

1B Vanessa Bryant

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