Idea for women's basketball

Idea for women's basketball

What do you guys think about the idea of lowering the hoop to 9ft.

It would lead to more dunks and exciting moments.

It would make it way more entertaining and build the profike if the sport.

Additionally, the WNBA do a bad job marketing their star players. I know Maria Sharapova and Serena Williams, but hardly any basketball players.

I'd start with cooler new uniforms and overall style.


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I still wouldnt watch

I still wouldnt watch

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i've never been a fan of

i've never been a fan of women basketball..but i will admit that i have tuned in to see players like sheryl shoops,candace parker,skylar diggins,diana taurasi and brittany griener make their debut... ..women basketball just doesnt seem right to me...

even though they do play more fundamentally sound game, than the men do sometimes....

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there's nothing wrong with

there's nothing wrong with watching grass grow, i watch that just as much as i do women's basketball.

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I'll tell you what, those

I'll tell you what, those mcdonalds jerseys they had where it was like a sports bra in the back with more shoulder and that girl with a headband and pony tail who just ripped the boys a new one, winning the 3pt contest over Pangos earlier today... Give me more of that and I might start watching for a few minutes.

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Brittany Griner

If the hoop was dropped to 9ft, Griner would become Shaq.

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Id be cool with that. But

Id be cool with that. But Taurasi would also be posterising her.

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I don't watch much WNBA, but

I don't watch much WNBA, but I do watch a decent amount of womens college ball. I do wish they'd at least make a WNBA video game, I think that would not only be pretty fun, new and interesting, but it would also raise their stock a bit and maybe gain some viewers.

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I would watch ANYTHING other

I would watch ANYTHING other than regular season baseball and I am a guy who likes the World Series.

I don't like the idea of lowering the goal to 9 feet. It would be too gimmicky. It would get you a few dunks here and there but I don't see anyone doing Wiggins or LaVine dunks anyway -- even on 9 foot rims. Doubt we would see many alley-oops.

I think a problem with the men's college game is that the rules are a bit different, different shot clocks and things.

I would give women's college basketball AND the WNBA the same rules. 24 second shot clocks (speed the game up), no 3 seconds on either side. What about you have to get the ball over the half court line in 8 seconds (like the NBA). The WNBA can't do dunks like the NBA but maybe both levels of women's play can showcase a quicker game and more of a reliance on fundamentals and team play.

What I DO like however is a 4 point line. It REWARDS shooting and spacing. I would put it about 28 feet out. ... with the 3 ball line, I would keep it the same distance on the college side and maybe lower it a bit on the WNBA side to keep the distance the same. Again, reward shooting. ... then defensive 3 second violations (in college) would open up the middle a bit.

I think more people would watch the WNBA and women's college basketball if they had a 4 point line. It would be more of an equalizer.

They could maybe experiment with the lane sizes to increase points in the paint or at least give the offense an easier time against the defense. I hate watching teams just clogging the lane. Hey, you could even outlaw zone defenses in college. Why not? If they want to be pro's then they can practice using pro rules.

Another thing you can do on both levels: why do overtimes HAVE TO BE 5 minutes? Make them 3 minutes. Teams usually crawl in the overtimes anway. Make each shot in overtime more important AND give each team a sense of urgency once overtime starts.

If you STILL want to see more dunking, I think a more wide open game would help...

I think they could expand the court a bit so players don't just go for either 3's (or 4's) and inside layups. A wider floor would open up better shots everywhere. The women's game could bring back the mid-range game some while also encouraging the long distance shooting.

For the WNBA all-star weekend though (does this even exist?) you could have a dunk contest on 9 feet. So, once a year you can watch your favorite WNBA stars try to dunk it out. The only time all year they lower the goal. That would make it interesting...

The WNBA all star weekend would be interesting since you would have a dunk contest (on 9 foot goals) as well as a 4 point shoot out to go with the 3 point shoot-out. And, of course, the all-star game. Maybe you can even shake up the fundamentals of one of the games. I like the Rising Stars game in the NBA all star weekend. Well, do the same for the women ballers. BUT, make it 3 on 3. Each conference gets 8 players (the best of first and second year players). That should be fun to watch and a nice tweak.

Why does every basketball game have to be 5 on 5? They don't.

The starters for the all star game should be voted on by the fans. The next five players for each side should be voted on by the coaches. Then the last 2 should be voted on by the players.

For other All Star Weekend activities they can do a skills competition. I would also like to see (maybe) a Legends 3 Point Shoot Out. I think the NBA needs a Legends Shoot Out too. I also think the NBA needs a 4 point line. Well, let the women make the innovations, first. It would help the game.

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One thing that would help is

One thing that would help is if ESPN, which owns the television rights, actually pushed the sport. They have had cricket as their top story three or four times in the last two weeks, but you wouldn't even know that a WNBA game happened if you didn't dig for it.

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Admitedly, unethicaly

Admitedly, unethicaly speaking...they should set up sport's thongs and bras.

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